Kinds Of Paint

Learn about kinds of paint. Well, have you properly noticed the world around you? In your houses, schools, malls, tall bulidings, showrooms and a lot many places. All of them are colored with different kinds of paints. A paint is a substance which is composed of pigments, binders, liquid carriers and additives which when applied on surfaces, solidify after a given time interval and become a protective and decorative coating. Let me now introduce you to the different kinds of paint that we use.

Primer- This kind of paint is applied on materials before they are painted. In other words, we can say that materials are prepared for painting by the application of this paint. It provides protection to the painted surface, paint durability is increased and this also helps the paint to adhere to the surface. Thus, primer provides a primary coating to the object.

Distemper- This kind of paint contains chalk , lime and water. It is a water-based paint and a type of whitewash. One of its main components is glue or oil. This paint is used for paintings done by artists and as a medium for decoration. This is one of the most common types of paint.

Emulsions- An emulsion is a another kind of paint which is water-based. It provides a matt finish to both, interior and exterior surfaces. This kind of paint makes the painted surfaces durable and makes them easy to wash, incase of any stains. This paint helps to keep the walls fungus resistant.

Functional paints- This kind of paint helps to eliminate insects, bacteria, fungi and other types of pests. This paint has ingredients which are safe for humans, but harmful for insects.

Oil based paints- Being one of the most long lasting kinds of paint, it is durable to a large extent. It is a slow drying paint consisting of linseed oil. Nowadays, oil paints are used to paint wood to provide a protective shield. But, one disadvantage of this paint is the bad odor it delivers, which makes it a little difficult for its use.

Latex paints- Latex paint does not necessarily contain latex. This is a good quality paint that does not crack. It has a good odor. This kind of paint stays intact for a long time and dries away fast when applied to surfaces. Latex paints are meant for both, interior and exterior use.

Enamel paints- This kind of paint dries and becomes a very hard glossy coating. It makes the surface stain resistant and also very durable. Sometimes varnish is mixed with enamel to enhance the glossy and hardening effect. Apart from interior and exterior walls, this paint can also be used to paint furniture products and thus, impart a shiny finish to the object. They do not leave any brush marks after drying.

Lacquer paints – This type of paint is used in metal work and thus, provides a very smooth and ideal finish. It is made from a compound called nitrocellulose. It performs the functions of a remover when applied on oil painted and varnished surfaces. It dries quickly on the surfaces it is applied on.