Kinds Of Papers

Explore the kinds of papers! Papers are a very essential item in our daily life. We require it for all kinds of documentation and writing. Paper is not only of one type, there are various kinds of papers suitable for various purposes. The papers also differ in their make. The different kinds of papers are:

1. Printing papers – These papers are available for printing purposes. They are available in various sizes which include A4, A5 and the like. Each of these papers are used for printing of articles and documents as and when required.

2. Drawing papers – These are the papers that are specialized for drawing purposes. They are made such that they do not smudge the colors, blot the inks or spoil the water colors. Drawing papers are generally made thick, so that they soak in the water when water color is used and does not tear the pages. They usually have rough surfaces. Cartridge paper also falls under this category.

3. Wrapping Papers – While gifting someone something, it is necessary that the presentation of the gift is good. To help increase the appeal the wrapping papers are used. They are available in the markets in various forms, in glossy texture or matte finish and also in innumerable number of designs. You can pick and choose from the wide range of wrapping papers now available in the markets.

4. Blotting Paper – As the name suggests, this paper is used for blotting ink or other such liquid substances. Blotting paper is a very thin and, ate finish paper that has a high affinity to water and other liquid substances. It soaks up the liquid as soon as it comes in contact with it, leaving behind a completely dry surface.

5. Writing paper – Writing papers are suitable for all stationary purposes. Say for example, those that make up copies and note pads. Bank papers and bond papers are also a form of writing paper.

6. Handmade papers -  Handmade papers are used for various decorative purposes. They can be used in crafts and other such purposes as well. Handmade papers are available in large amounts these days and people are using it a lot as well. Their characteristic feature is that, they do not have any particular grain direction.

7. Specialty papers – This category includes toilet papers, tissues, cigarette papers and other industrial papers that can be used only for one particular purpose.

8. Other Papers – Other papers include book paper, which can be a part of a printing paper, but not exactly the same. Book papers are specialized in printing books only. Coated paper is also one of the kinds of papers, which is available in glossy or matte finish. Sand Paper, which is also among the kinds of paper is used in making the surface of furniture and cemented walls smooth. Wallpaper is the paper that is used on the walls to make it look colorful. It is an alternative to wall paints. Cotton Paper, wool paper, leather paper, wax paper, construction paper and wash proof papers are among other less common kinds of papers.