Kinds Of Parrots

Read about kinds of parrots here! Parrots have since time memorial proved to be one of the most prestigious birds in the planet with multiple coloured feathers, ability to speak, intelligent etc. No wonder they are being sold both online and locally. They are very expensive birds. For instance, the eclectus parrot costs about $600 to $1200. Is it worth buying? Yes it is. These are birds with great gifts: very intelligent, can be taught how to talk and at times imitate human beings perfectly. There are very many kinds of parrots across all continents. Just to name a few;

The peach face lovebird: These kinds of parrots are the most beautiful birds ever in the planet. They are very affectionate and if properly trained they can also talk. They are 6 inches in length and have a life span of between 15 to 33 years. They have a brilliant light-red face, light green in colour with its eyes having a very white ring.
Other kinds of parrots are the grey cheek parrots. They are mostly identified with their unique grey cheek with its bright orange feathers. They have a crown which is dusky blue in colour.

These kinds of birds must be keenly supervised as they are very mischievous, bold, having very interesting personalities, intelligent, energetic and very playful at the same time. They are believed to have originated from North West Peru. It’s very difficult to determine their sex as it can only be done through DNA test. They weight about 55 grams on average with an average height of 8 inches.

The quaker (Monk) parakeet: These parrots are green except their neck and forehead which is grey in colour. These kinds of parrots are believed to have originated from central Argentina, southern Brazil and Bolivia. They can mimic, whistle and are very good to people.

They have an average life span of about 30 to 35 years. Despite all these good traits, it has since been considered as an agricultural pest and banned in some states in the US such as the New Jersey, Hawaii, California and many others as well.
Other kinds of parrots are the pacific parrotlet. They lay about four to six eggs and mostly feed on high quality grain mix, flowers, fruits and are known to enjoy vegetables. They are very tiny as they are about 4 inches on average. They have very small voice, and thus they can only chirp though very courageous and can talk if properly trained.

The male have blue feathers and they are believed to have originated from the southern and central America.
The last kinds of parrots in this list are the African grey. Just as the name suggests it originated from Africa. They have red nails, some white area around the eye with brown colour dominating other parts of the body. The Timneh and the Congo are the widely know species. They have a very long life span of about 50 to 65 years.

They are also very expensive as they cost about $1000. They mimic perfectly, can communicate besides being very temperamental.