Kinds Of Penguins

Discover the Kinds Of Penguins. Of all the birds that live on earth today, penguins are probably the strangest of creatures. They cannot fly but they swim masterfully, they live their lives on water and land, and are some of the most resilient animals that face extreme cold conditions in their habitats. There are many studies detailing the kinds of penguins, according to their geographic location and some other characteristics. Generally, scientists have identified between 16 and 19 species of living penguins today, with a few controversies about several subspecies. Below you will find a listing of the most commonly known types of penguins.

1) The King Penguin: this is the second largest in terms of population. These kinds of penguins reach 30 inches at maturity and they weigh approximately 30 pounds. This species is similar to the Emperor type but are generally smaller.

2) The Emperor Penguin is the biggest of all penguin varieties. They can reach 4 feet and weigh approximately 90 pounds. While all species live in various habitats across the southern hemisphere, the Emperor is the only species that breeds and nests in the freezing cold Antarctica. The King and Emperor are both part of the Aptenodytes classification of larger penguins.

3) The Gentoo Penguin is the largest of the stiff-tailed kinds of penguins. This variety lives on the Antarctic Islands and can reach 2 feet. These kinds of penguins are easily distinguishable by a long white stripe design across their black head.

4) The Adelie Penguins live in the Southern Ocean. They are entirely black and white and are currently known as the smallest of all kinds of penguins living in Antarctica.

5) The Chinstrap ones live around the coastal sides of Antarctica and are known to be the bravest of all kinds of penguins.

6) The Crested Penguin variety includes several varieties: the Rockhopper, the Fiordland, the Macaroni Penguin.  The latter kinds of penguins can weigh up to 10 pounds and are generally 2 feet tall. They live on the southern shores of America and Africa.  They have a very distinctive look with orange- yellow crests forming a crown-like band across their heads.

7) The Yellow Eyed one is the third in height, of all varieties of penguins in the world. These nice brown- colored animals breed in New Zealand and in some Antarctic islands.

8) The Fairy Penguin is the smallest of all. They are encountered along the coasts of Australia and New Zealand. This is a very
well liked species, recognized for their distinctive grey-blue color and delicate size.

9) The African Penguin lives in colonies along the coasts of Namibia, and Southern Africa.  This is part of the same family (the banded penguin) with the Magellanic and the Humboldt Penguin. All these penguins live throughout the American continent and the southern part of Africa.

10) The Galapagos Penguin is a species that does not migrate, due to the fact that they live in a rather warmer climate, in the Galapagos Islands.

Generally, all kinds of penguins will spend most of their lives in the ocean; they go on land to breed and raise their offspring.