Kinds Of Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks are the most sought after kind of car. Here is a list of the most popular kinds of pickup trucks:

a) Toyota Tundra:

This kind of pickup truck is bigger than its forerunner. They can be found in three setups; single cab, double cab and Crewmax style. Most of these pickup trucks come with a v-8 engine and they can carry more than 10,000 pounds.

b) Dodge Ram 1500:

Since the previous Dodge was replaced with a Ram in 1994, the sales of this car has risen tremendously. It was redesigned in 2009. It maintains it familiar look with improved aerodynamic features.

c) Chevrolet Silverado 1500:

This kind of pickup truck was upgraded a few years ago. They are available in 40 different forms with prices ranging from $19,300 for regular truck to $41,000 for crew trucks. They come with a lot of useful options with the available technology.

d) Toyota Tacoma:

This kind of pickup truck came about in 1964. It has been redesigned more than 8 times. They are fitted with new car safety system and a stability control. They have redesigned LED taillights. They are fitted with all the features required for a standard single cabin or a double cab.

e) Ford F-150;

It was designed and produced by the General motors company which has dominated the American Motor industry. This pickup truck has been redesigned to produce more power and with improved fuel economy. The entertainment inside this car has been improved by their collaboration with Microsoft, Sony and SIRIUS.

f) Ford Ranger:

This kind of pickup truck was first seen in the market in 1982 and it was re-innovated in1993. The outer side of the car was redesigned in 1998. A few years ago, the truck received some minor adjustments to the outer part for a new and improved look. The service intervals have been elongated to 7,500 miles.

g) Nissan Frontier:

This car has redesigned in 2005. This truck is powerful and can to up to 6,500 pounds at a time. They have a sliding bed extender to give you more room at the back to add what you need to carry. There is the flexibility of folding back the passenger seats for the double cab and you also have the option of making the rear seats face backwards.

h) Dodge Dakota:

Dodge Dakota was redesigned in 2008 and two types of trucks were produced which were the Extended cab and Quad cab version. The performance of the vehicle improved with better innovative utilities. Inside this truck, there are new utilities like the under seat cargo management system.

i) GNC Sierra 1500:

This is manufactured from the general motors company. They come in three types the extended cab, crew cab and the regular cab. This car was completely redesigned a few years ago with a stronger and harder body.

j) Chevrolet Colorado:

It is also available in three versions which are the extended cab, crew cab and regular cab. They are fitted with new breaks for better breaking power.