Kinds Of Pigs

Read about the kinds of pigs. Before narrowing down to different species of pigs present across the globe, it’s very necessary to note that pigs can be classified as either hybrid or indigenous pigs. The hybrid pigs are as a result of genetic engineering which tends to develop pigs with more desirable traits such as being resistant to common diseases and adapt top the changing climatic conditions. In this particular piece of article, we shall discuss some of the mostly encountered kinds of pigs. Some of the most common pigs include:

The large white
These kinds of pigs are preferred since they are one of the most common outdoor breeds and can perform well in very many kinds of environments. These pigs are white in color and very large just as the name hints. They have very long bodies with very fine hair.
They are normally identified with their dished face, long legs and erect ears. These kinds of pigs can give birth to about eleven piglets and takes time to mature. Although the large white can survive in very harsh climatic conditions, it’s very prone to sunburns since it does not have pigments.

These pigs have been extensively used in crossbreeding by scientist.
Other kinds of pigs are the landrace. This is an example of a successful crossbreeding program. These pigs are as a result of crossbreeding the large white and the indigenous breeds. It can do well in either outdoor or indoor management. The landrace are mostly preferred for production of both pork and bacon.

These pigs are distinctively known for their drooping ears which tend to slant forward, straight snout and a white skin. Like the large white, it can also be affected by sunburns due to its light skin. It’s extensively in crossbreeding programs as resultant pigs are always of an improved quality.

They mature faster as compared to the large white with a relatively higher weight. It’s slightly fatter than but not as popular as the larger white.

The Duroc-Jersey
These kinds of pigs are also referred to as the ‘Red Hogs’. They are preferred for very wet and cold weather conditions. They are popular for their sweetness and both light and heavy pork production besides being an outdoor pig.
These kinds of pigs have drooping ears, is muscular and small in size. They have a slightly dished face ad reddish in color although this might vary rom brick-red to gold.

The cross between these kinds of pigs and the large white is very ideal for bacon production and they also take quite a lot of time before they mature.

The Hampshire is yet other kinds of pigs which are believed to have been developed in the USA. It has both black and white markings with the head, shoulders, tail, rare legs and ears being black.

They mature faster and can give between 8 to 14 piglets. It’s very popular for producing lean meat.
Other kinds of pigs are Berkshire, Poland China, Chestier White etc. Scientists are still in the process of producing better breeds with much more desirable characteristics with the main focus being better quality pork production.