Kinds Of Pink Flowers

Learn about kinds of pink flowers. Pink flowers are used as a symbol of awareness and love. They have been used in weddings as decoration to symbolize love between the two couples. They are equally used to show love at funerals as was the case of Anna Nicole Smith. These days, pink flowers are equally used to demonstrate the awareness of breast cancer. They are loved for their aesthetic beauty and have also been used on several occasions to express thanks
Pink is a feminine color that is clean and also refreshing. They represent gentility, innocence, youth, and happiness in the plant world. There are several kinds of pink flowers. The most common ones are presented below:

Morning Glory
Morning glory was first discovered in Mexico and Central America. It is a wining flowering plant and has a diameter of about 2 to 3 inches. As the name implies, this magnificent flower opens up at sun rise and snaps shut at sunset.

Maiden Pink Dianthus
The Maiden Dianthus grows wild, in parks and along roadsides. The flowers are usually not up to an inch in diameter, and bloom from May to July. They have long slender stems with petals that are covered with a dark pink ring at the center.

Pink Roses symbolized love, and is arguably the most popular of all pink flowers. They are highly regarded and are priced for their fragrance and their simple beauty. They are found on thorn bushes and are popular gifts presented at Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Zannia is a native of Central America, Mexico, and Southwest United States. Initially, these kinds of pink flower grow freely and naturally. However, their beauty lured people to start growing them on a commercial basis. There are several kinds of pink flowers from this species ranging from single petals to double-rowed petals.

Chrysanthemum “Clara Curtis”
This type of flower resembles a daisy, always cold and strong. The center of the petals has a bright yellow mound. This variety of flowers has very strong root systems that are not susceptible to hash weather. These kinds of pink flowers disperse quickly and can grow up o 17 inches tall. These plants are usually grown as colorful cover crops or as a focal point plant.

Pink Geranium Flowers
Pink Geranium has darker pink veins and colorful pink blooms. They have natural growth potentials and are usually fertilized lightly. They can spread to a distance of about 25 inches and grow about 24 inches tall. During planting, they are spaced apart from each other at a distance of 20 inches and are planted at a depth o1 inch. Their blooming period is between May and September, and they can be cut just after their first blooming phase.

Pink Yarrow
This kinds of pink flowers have subtle white shading, and tiny white eyes in each of the rich pink clustered flowers. Butterflies love perching on them. They are Rabbit resistant, dear resistant, heat tolerant, and drought resistant. Their mature spread is usually between 17 and 24 inches, while their attainable heights is about 24 inches. They are usually planted in full sun.