Kinds Of Pitbull Dogs

Learn about the many kinds of pitbull dogs. There are so many varieties of dogs but if your preference a dog that is very intelligent and athletic abilities, then you’ll be looking at pitbull dogs. These dogs are a mix of two breeds, the terrier and the bulldog. They are classified into three distinct types: the Staffordshire bull terrier, the Pit bull Terrier, and the Stafford terrier. Though the above kinds of pitbull dogs are very similar in appearance and how they behave, they are different in terms of where they originate.

The American Staffordshire is a native of the United States where they were used by primarily country settlers and farmers during the early years. These kinds of pitbull dogs are energetic, cute and are good companions for adults and great playmates for kids and children. The Staffordshire is a breed with bright character and powerful disposition. There are lots of places where you can find them for sale. You might want to look through classifieds in newspapers, browse the internet or go to your local stores. Wherever you choose to look for your new pet, you should be very careful with your selection so you don’t pick one with some health problems that will prove to be very expensive for you in the long run.

Another kind of pitbull dog is the Staffordshire bull terrier. They originated from England and are used as pets and guards at homes. Unlike other dogs, these kinds of pitbull dogs have long furs which require constant cleaning and care in order to maintain a healthy and lively dog.

The American pitbull terrier also originated from the United States. They have well defined muscles and have medium sized built. Pitball terriers are the most popular of all kinds of pitbull dogs. They need to be mobile and lively, especially if they are a little older than 10 weeks. Even the 8 week old puppies should be seen moving around in their environment. These signs indicate that you won’t need to do a lot of calling and pampering when you need it to do something. Also, if you are considering taking it to shows, the playful and lively type is ideal. One important thing that should be considered before making your choice is the health of the dog. That’s why it won’t be out of place to do your proper searches both online or offline.

A diseased pitbull terrier often loses motility and friskiness, hides into dark corners and seeks to be alone. Also, when the pup abandons food or rejects eating, it may be a result of temporary indisposition or an indication of the beginning of a disease. So when choosing your terrier, watch the dog very well, pay attention to the state of the eyes, look at the nose, its belly and the cheek. Usually, a healthy pitball terrier will have a dry and warm nose, a clear eye that is not dizzy and is generally receptive to things around him.

These kinds of pitbull dogs can add joy to the home. So whenever you feel like adding a lovely pet to your house, consider one of the pitbull dogs.