Kinds Of Pizza

Discover the different kinds of pizza that suits everyone’s taste

Pizza has been a very popular food that is offered by most of the high quality food chains. It has been modified and enhanced its flavor, texture and components throughout the years. Even baking the crust has been innovated into different ways to provide better quality. Cheese also plays a big role in the pizzas taste, smell and textures. So choosing the right cheese and the quantity of it is also a factor to be considered in making many kinds of pizza. Choosing the right combination of toppings has also been a huge factor in making different kinds of pizza. This factor affects the name of the pizza depending on the combination of toppings and cheese used. Some also vary the name from the place of its origin.

Below are different kinds of pizza that are famous today:

New York style of pizza is a kind of pizza which is toasted with normal amount of cheese and sauce. It is ideally to be folded when it is eaten and it also has a flexible cheese. This pizza obviously originates from New York.

California pizza is a kind of pizza that is composed of barbeque sauce, spinach, goat cheese and carrots that are shaved as toppings. It is primarily offered by the California Pizza Kitchen restaurant. It is a Thai inspired pizza.

Chicago Style pizza is known as the first baked on 1843 at the place called Pizzeria Uno. It is deep dish pizza that is not flexible. It is very good to be stuffed by toppings under its cheese or marinada because it is baked in a deep pan. It originally comes from Chicago.

White pizza is a kind of pizza the is unique compared to other pizza because it doesn’t use any sauces and tomatoes. It uses sour cream instead. It gives a white color which defines its name. It also offers a different kind of taste and mixture. It is also called as the Pizza Bianca in Rome. It is another innovative way of pizza which displays the creativity and skills of the human ideas.

Greek pizza is a kind of pizza that was being popularized by those Greek immigrants. It is primarily served in New Zealand. It also make use of olive oil that adds to its smell and texture. It is baked in the pizza oven on a pan. It is one of those pizzas that are being brought by immigrants. It usually is topped with sliced olives and feta cheese on it.

Hawaiian pizza is one of the most popular kinds of pizza in America. It is not literally comes from Hawaii which is mostly the perception because of its name. It is named Hawaiian because it features ham and pineapple as the toppings used. It is also well known in Australia, Sweden and is also becoming very popular throughout European countries.

With these kinds of pizza that comes in different style, it really defines the creativity of the human ideas in developing a certain recipe and making it as its own masterpiece. Despite its differences they are all known to be delicious in their own way.