Kinds Of Planes

Read about the kinds of planes. People have imagined that they could fly for thousands of years, a belief that has been confirmed even by the images discovered in ancient cave paintings and drawings. But it was not until the 1900s , that man actually succeeded to do so. Nowadays, we have manufactured several kinds of planes: jets, helicopters, or even spacecrafts. The first plane, however, was successfully constructed by the Wright brothers and the first flight in the history of mankind took place on December 17, 1903. The difficult part was the original inception of the idea of flying, and the understanding of air dynamics. It took us thousands of years to engineer a machine that would be plane-like, but within just a century from the Wright brothers, we managed to engineer all kinds of planes.

The first of those kinds of planes were propeller-powered aircrafts, which – as the name suggests – had engines with propellers in order to fly. The various jets, or jet aircrafts, that we use today are more advanced kinds of planes. The difference from propeller-powered planes, is that jet aircrafts use jet engines. In order for the plane to fly, the jet engine sucks air in front of a fan that has blades, and then a compressing device increases the pressure of the air even more. What adds to this process, is that a flammable mixture lights up with an electric spark. Then, since the burning gases are shot backwards with respect to the engine, this creates a thrust that moves the jet forward. The advantages the jet has over its predecessor is that it is more safe, it can travel faster, and in higher altitudes. The propeller engine remains functioning only from 10,000 to 15,000 feet, while the jet travels at an altitude range from 33,000 to 49,000 feet, while. These kinds of planes can travel long distances, but essentially it was jets that revolutionized the world of transportation, since they could carry a great number of people, and generally carry big loads of cargo; most importantly, they could do so with much greater safety. In fact, jet aircrafts are the safest mode of transportation.

Among the kinds of plane manufactured, the helicopter holds a unique place. The mechanics of flying for a helicopter is quite different from a propeller and from a jet engine. A helicopter always has tow rotating wings, also known as rotors. The rotor that is on top of the helicopter is significantly larger than the one on its tail. The former is what allows the helicopter to lift from the ground and have thrust, while the latter grants the pilot of the helicopter maneuvering abilities.
Last but not least, the spacecraft is the most advanced from all the kinds of planes, and probably the most impressive one. The spacecraft is a machine that is designed to fly beyond the earth’s atmosphere; to travel in outer space. Spacecrafts are used as observation devices that can be programmed to orbit around the earth and provide us with information that would be otherwise inaccessible. They are also used for planetary exploration, while their most obvious use is satellite communication, since technically all kinds of satellites are spacecrafts.

One thing is for sure: there is no greater gift than human creativity. From the observing of a bird to the manufacturing of several kinds of planes; from a simple helicopter to outer space aircrafts. Human creativity is only bound by human imagination.