Kinds Of Poems For Kids To Write

Poem is considered as main supportive factor for the happiness. There can be numerous kinds of poems for kids to write such as alphabet poems, ballad, color poems, and many more. Poems can improve the vocabulary and singing ability of kids. Thus it is necessary to think about some useful kinds of poems for kids.

What are different kinds of poems for kids to write? One can get confused with this question because many of us know the poems or movie songs but not the types of those poems or songs. Now, let’s check out the list containing several kinds of poems for kids to write.

1) Alphabet

2) Acrostic

3) Autobiographical

4) Ballad

5) Haiku

6) Cinquain

7) Rhyming

8) Color poems

9) Diamante

10) Imagery

11) Question poetry

Let’s start with the first poem type in the list.

Alphabetical Poems:

These poems get arranged into particular format where each new line starts with the consequent letter. These poems usually provide higher importance to the arrangement of alphabets more than the rhyming words.

Acrostic Poems:

Acrostic poems get arranged vertically. One word gets created after reading first letter of each new line.

Autobiographical Poems:

In this type of poem, any inspirational personality or his/her life gets explained in the form of poetry.

Ballad Poems:

This is one among the most interesting kinds of poems for kids to write. A musical or rhythmic form gets created inside the poem.

Cinquain Poems:

This type of poem consists of special lining arrangement. Lines never cross the limit of five lines per poem.

Diamante Poems:

Diamond shape gets created inside the poem. Thus, it is called as diamante. Inner content never gets counted in this type of poem.

Rhyming Poems:

The name speaks itself about the nature of this kind of poem. Rhythmic arrangement gets created inside the poem. Couplets, quatrains, and triplets are some well-known forms available into rhyming poems.

Color Poems

Color poems explain different events using different kinds of colors. Many kids enjoy this kind of poem.

Haiku Poems:

Japan introduced this kind of poem to the world. Only three lines get used while writing these kinds of poems.

Imagery Poems:

These poems get created on the basis of imagination. Poet explains his/he imagination through this poem. Poet fills lots of creativity inside the poem in order to take reader into anther world. Explaining the world of heaven or hell is common example of imagery poems.

Question Poetry:

In this kind, poet asks several questions to the reader. This poem is used for improving the memory of kids. This kind of poem is one of the most interesting kinds of poems for kids to write. Rhyming words are not compulsory into this form.

These are some useful forms of poems. It is necessary to teach each of these kinds gradually. Kids become more affectionate towards these poems when more than one example is provided to them. It is recommended to start teaching these poems to the kids into the same sequence as given above.