Kinds Of Popcorn

There are different types of popcorn for snacks, and the differences have a lot to do with how these popcorns are prepared.

Air Pop Corn is the simplest way of popcorn preparation, and most of the baby boomers probably know all about how this is prepared. Back when there was no microwave oven to prepare instant popcorn, people were able to enjoy this delicious snack by simply placing the corn kernels in a stainless steel pot with a sturdy cover. The pressure inside the pot as well as the hot air will burst the kernels open. When the popping stage is over and only the most stubborn kernels are left intact, the coer is removed and butter, salt or powdered cheese is added.

Air popping is still a widely used method, especially during campfire events where a microwave is not available for popcorn popping. Dieters are advised to use this method for making popcorn because adding salt, butter or sugar becomes optional. Most microwavable kinds of popcorn have salt and butter added into the package. Popped corn can be a very healthy and filling snack without butter and salt. The natural sweetness of the corn shines through in these kinds of popcorn.

Microwave-popped corn is still the most popular among the different kinds of popcorn because of the convenience and ease of preparation. Most of us don’t have the time to heat a heavy pot and wait for corn kernels to pop evenly inside. Microwavable popcorn packages are very inexpensive and families buy these things by the dozen. There is also the appeal of variety. The kinds of popcorn you can taste today may be different from those you will eat tomorrow. There are various flavors to choose from, and they’re all available in neat little packets of popcorn.

The process of preparing these kinds of popcorn is simple. Simply chuck the bag in the microwave for a minute or two, depending on the directions on the package. The maximum time required to pop the kernels is a couple of minutes.

Fried popcorn are so-called because they are actually cooked in oil. The oil must be very hot but not burning before the kernels are added. Too hot oil may burn the kernels and cause the bitter, burnt taste you don’t want on your popcorn. Plus, if the oil is too hot, you’re in danger of getting hit by stray burning kernels that the oil spits out sporadically. On the other hand, if the oil isn’t hot enough, the kernels simply soak up the oil and you end up with a lot of unpopped kernels and soggy popcorn.

The different kinds of popcorn can also be differentiated based on how the kernels appear when popped. The butterfly popped kernels have wing-like protrusions when popped properly. The hulless variety is probably the most popular because there is little or no hull on the kernels. This means you can eat all the popcorn you want without having to pick your teeth for those pesky little hulls. Mushroom-shaped popcorn are small and dense, and have none of the wing-like protrusions found in traditional popped corn.