Kinds Of Potatoes

Learn about kinds of potatoes. How many of you like potatoes? Well most of us do, whether in the form of crispy french fries or in meat and fish curries. Potato is part of the staple diet in most countries across the world. There are different kinds of potatoes available which vary in shape, size, color and taste. Different people like different types of potatoes and so potato has become a necessary part of our diet. Now let me introduce you to the different kinds of potatoes that we eat in our daily life. Most are common while some are rare.

Russet potato – This is the most common starchy kind of potato. They are ideal for mashing, baking and frying. Examples are russet Burbank and german butterball.

Jewel Yam – This is commonly called sweet potato. It is ideal for roasting and baking.

Japanese sweet potato – This kind of potato is starchy. Japanese sweet potato is usually pink or purple in color with white flesh. It has a sweet and nut like flavor. They can be easily steamed and grilled.

Hannah sweet potato – This is a starchy kind of potato which is quite similar to jewel potato, but is light in color.
Rose Finn apple – This is a waxy kind of potato and is mainly pink in color with yellow flesh. Its flavor is somewhat earthy. It is ideal for boiling, grilling, sautÈing. It is used to be served in salads.

Russian banana – This potato has a unique texture. It has a pale yellow skin outside with a very rich flesh inside, which makes it look all the more appealing to the eyes. Being another kind of waxy potato , this kind of potato is used for good grilling and frying purposes.

Red thumb -  The red thumb potato is one of the favorite potatoes among chefs. This kind of potato has a red skin covering layers of pink flesh. It is another kind of waxy potato and if properly boiled and roasted tastes deliciously good.
French fingering -  This waxy potato has a pink skin covering yellow flesh . This kind of potato has a very smooth skin and is ideal for roasting.

LaRette -  A waxy potato of another type, this kind of potato has a very smooth texture with the flavor of a nut. These are shaped in the form of a fingerling. It is ideal for boiling and roasting.

Austrian crescent – This is a waxy potato with a flesh of light yellow color. It is mainly used in salads and ideal for boiling, roasting and steaming.

Red gold – These are all purpose potatoes. They are medium sized ones with red skin covering golden flesh. It has a smooth and moist texture and a sweet flavor.

Purple Majesty – This is another set of all purpose potatoes, oblong in shape with a skin of dark purple color. This potato is rich in antioxidants. They are ideal for roasting and baking and is usually added in soup and potato salads.

Norland Red – This potato has a red skin covering creamy layers. If properly cooked, this potato can taste deliciously well. It is ideal for roasting, mashing and boiling.