Kinds Of Prayers Catholic

When it comes to the kinds of prayers catholic people get counted at the top for doing sincere worship towards something. Just like other religions, devout Catholics believe that prayer is an indubitably powerful tool for enlightenment, gratefulness and guidance. There are several kinds of Catholic prayers, many of which are taught to Catholics during their formative years and upon their introduction to the church and the belief system.

Catholics believe that one should not only pray to their God, but also reach out to spiritual figures that have strong ties with God. Many written, formal prayers feature intercessions to a wide variety of saints and angels. While this practice may not be featured in other religions, Catholic widely observe intercessions in mass and in their homes.

Every Catholic is armed with the knowledge of the fundamental prayers such as Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, however there are other kinds of Catholic prayers that a devout member of the church should know. Let’s check out the different kinds of prayers catholic people get counted inside.

Prayer of Thanksgiving – A thanksgiving prayer is basically what it says it is: Its main purpose is to give thanks and express gratitude for all the blessings one has received from one’s Creator. Devout Catholics make it a point to give thanks on a daily basis, from the fulfillment of basic needs such as having a constant supply of food on the table, to events deemed as fortunate like a salary raise or a safe area during a time of calamity.

Prayer of Expiation or Penitence – A prayer of expiation is one that involves acknowledgement of one’s wrongdoings. Catholics are taught to imbibe a deep consciousness of what is wrong and what is right. This kind of Catholic prayer is one where a Catholic expresses admission and repentance for the sins he or she has committed, and ultimately asks for forgiveness upon displeasing God.

Prayer for Petition – This is perhaps the most common kind of Catholic prayer. Human life is filled with all sorts of physical, emotional and spiritual struggle; given the challenges of life and the inherently self-concerned nature of human beings, the prayer of petition is one where individuals make requests for themselves, their families, and their loved ones. These requests can range from something as egocentric as gaining a promotion or winning a competition, to more altruistic appeals, such as peace in war-torn countries or a longer, healthier life for one’s loved ones.

Prayer of Intercession – This kind of Catholic prayer involves praying for someone else’s grace. There are formal, intercessory prayers said during mass, but Catholics can also do prayers of intercessions whenever or wherever they see fit. Catholics believe that intercessory prayers can help those they love or care about in the community, by committing to sacrifices that may move the merciful heart of God.

Prayer of Adoration and Blessing – This type of prayer centers on God. Catholics often say this prayer to praise the greatness, the power and all other omnipotent and eternal qualities of God. In this type of prayer, a Catholic acknowledges his or her dependence and belief in God and His/Her plans, whether they be fulfilled or still unknown.