Kinds Of Prayers In The Bible

The Bible is one of the holiest books and is sacred to all Catholics and Christians. There are a lot of different kinds of prayers in the bible that are people say to feel closer to God. These prayers are different ways for Catholics to connect with God, out of which 5 prayers are abundantly used. These prayers are a way talk about the majesty of God and his glory and power. Knowing the kind of prayer to say at the right time is extremely important. Let us take a quick look at the 5 different kinds of prayers in the bible.

The Prayers of Faith

These kinds of prayers in the bible are called as petition prayers and are one of the most commonly used prayers. These prayers usually involve asking for something from God and are usually in the form of a conversation between human and God. These prayers are supposed to be answered by God the moment you ask for it, however, in the realm world and may take time to materialize in the real world. These prayers manifest your trust and faith in God.

The Prayer of Consecration and Dedication

The Prayer of consecration and dedication are considered a modest submission to the will and the word of the Lord. These kinds of prayers in the bible also ask for the strength to achieve his will by the power given by God. These prayers are practical to all Christians.

The prayers of Thanksgiving and praise

The prayers of thanksgiving and praise are acknowledging the will of God and thanking him for his glory. They are a means to stand in the presence of God and praise him for everything. Those who pray to God in bad and negative times are considered to be a true believer of God to keep faith in him in trying times.

The Prayer of Intercession

These kinds of prayers are the ones that are done on behalf of someone else. This happens when the person in question is unable to incapable to pray for himself. These could be done from someone who is an addict to any vice and doesn’t want to accept the glory of God or someone who is mentally incapable like an ailing infant. These kinds of prayers in the bible are usually said for the goodwill of others.

The Prayers of Binding and Loosing

These kinds of prayers in the bible say that whenever you bind on earth, you will be bound due to that in heaven whereas whatever you loose on this earth, you will be loosed in heaven. Our lives start on earth and every action that we take is responsible for us to be bound in heaven.

All these prayers are the most common kinds of prayers in the bible that are used by followers all over the world. These prayers are a mean to have a dialogue with God and accept his worthiness and glory with your heart. This is all about the bible and kinds of prayers engaged with it.