Kinds Of Puppies

Discover kinds of puppies. Dog is one of man’s best companion with others being cats and birds such as parrots. The young one of a dog is referred to as a puppy. There are very many kinds of puppies’ which can be classified as either indigenous or hybrid. Most people who love dogs acquire them when they are still very young as training puppies is always very easy.

Puppies can be classified in terms of their sizes, grooming requirements and appearance. Although they can also be classified depending on their personality, it is one of the traits that the owner of the puppy can always change depending on his or her expectations on the dogs’ behavior. Therefore it will entirely depend on the kind of training the puppy goes through as it grows to adulthood.

The hound puppies
These kinds of puppies are normally kept with anticipations that they’ll be good hunters besides being superb in various sporting activities. They are known to be the fastest, have sharp sense of sight and smell, huge and an outstanding strength. They include the deerhound, the basenji, the saluki, the beagle and the finish spitz amongst other species. There are quite a number, over 50 plus kinds of puppies.

Some kinds of puppies are kept to give young children a more desirable company and they are collectively referred to as the toy puppies.
These kinds of puppies are small in size, they have an appealing appearance, very playful, they look somehow delicate, good to people and they are also good watch dogs. However, other traits such as shading hair will always depend on the dog specie. There is no doubt that these puppies can make good toys as this entirely depends on their appearance. Examples include the Yorkshire terrier, the Chihuahua, the pug, the Chinese Crested, the English toy terrier and the Maltese among other species.

Dogs have since time memorial assisted man in very many activities such as hunting such as herding. The kinds of puppies which belong to this group are natured with good herding skills and they are believed to have an in-built herding skill. They are very strong and fierce to protect animals from predators. These very unique skills are usually pointed out as soon as the puppy starts barking. They can always nip at heels besides the ability to stalk and hence in a position to drive livestock. Examples of these kinds of puppies include the Anatolian shepherd dog, the Australian cattle dog, the bearded collie, the German shepherd and the Welsh corgi. The list is too long.

Dogs play very many roles in the society and therefore training a puppy to perform a specific task is very necessary. Some kinds of puppies are normally natured to be used as working dogs. They are very large, powerful and very intelligent. In most cases they are normally used as sniffing dogs and in rescue operations.
Examples include the St. Bernard, the Alaskan malamute, the Rottweiler, the Great Dane, the Greenland Dog and the Mastiff among other species.