Kinds Of Purple Flower

Explore the kinds of purple flowers. Purple is a color of royalty and luxury, it is a combination of cool blue and hot red. Purple flower symbolize the traditional royalty that comes from the age of Queens Elizabeth. It also represents nobility, excellence and distinction. There are different kinds of purple flowers that are differentiated on the basis of different shades of purple, deep purple flowers represent power while light purple flowers represents youth and feminine nature. Purple is stunning flowers that add value and beauty in a flower garden, it adds a burst of colors in an orchard. Here is a brief description of some kinds of purple flowers.

Purple Tulips:
Purple tulips are one of the most fine-looking kinds of purple flowers, which are deep in color and also known as black tulips. It grows well in a spring and later part of the summer season and resembles a lot from purple iris. It can be grown in winter season with little care.

Purple Iris:
Purple Iris resembles a lot with purple tulips. It also holds deep shade of purple and known as black Iris. The growing procedure of purple iris is same as purple tulips, in-fact they also bloom in the spring season and in the end of summers. Purple iris along with a deep shade of purple comes into several other shades of purple which makes the garden looks more attractive.

Blazing Stars:
These are among very rare kinds of purple flowers, which is not available universally. It can be found in some part of United States, it flourishes in many years, but after they get established they look incredibly gorgeous. These kinds of purple flowers are tall in size and spiky in nature. After they are fully grown it develops little bulbs on the top of the flower which gleams in a flower garden. That is why they are known as blazing stars.

Purple Lobelia:
Purple lobelia is very low growing flower, but these are very attractive flowers. They give a new look to the orchard with their dissimilar color and shrubby nature. These kinds of purple flowers attract butterflies and birds due to its beauty. They are not very good crop to grow in the sun; they usually grow in a cooler region.

Purple Rose:
Purple rose is a very charming flower for the loved ones. It symbolizes dignity and royalty. It is a flower used for love at first sight. It is among the most scented roses of the world.

Purple Orchid:
Purple Orchids are among the most varied kinds of purple flowers. They consist of many different colors. These flowers do nurture with no trouble at all and within a shorter time span, and as well as they remain blooming throughout the month.

Purple Lilac:
This is among those kinds of purple flowers which has very strong fragrance. These kinds of purple flowers flourish in the mid of April and May. This flower possesses light purple color and represents youth, freshness and confidence. Purple lilac also looks beautiful in bridal bouquets.