Kinds Of Quadrilaterals

What are the types of four sided polygons or kinds of quadrilaterals?

Quadrilaterals are a four sided kind of polygon with four vertices. Its name is derived from ‘quadri’ a Latin word which means variant of four and ‘latus’ that is a Latin word of side. They can be simple which can either be convex or conclave. It can also be complex. Here is the list of kinds of quadrilaterals.

Trapezoids are one of those kinds of quadrilaterals where it has a pair of parallel sides. It is called trapezium in English in South America and other places outside the North America territory. The base of this trapezoid is the parallel side. It also has two lateral sides which are also called as the legs. Some trapezoid has no side that has equal measures an example of this is the scalene trapezoid.

Isosceles trapezoid is another type of quadrilateral that is convex and has its opposite side bisected by symmetry. It has two parallel sides and unlike the trapezoid it has two sides that have equal length. It diagonal is also equal in length.

Parallelograms are one among those kinds of quadrilaterals that are simple and having two pairs of parallel sides. Both the measurement of the opposite angles and the length of the opposite or the facing side are equal. It has parallelepiped which is a three dimensional counterpart. Rhomboid is an example of this parallel.

Kite in geometry always pertain to a quadrilateral which has four sides that are grouped into two pairs of side with equal length. These sides are known to be adjacent to each other. These kinds of quadrilaterals are in contrast to the parallelograms. Its name is derived from its common shape, because it looks like a flying kite. It is also known as deltoids but this word can also be referred to deltoid curve which has no relativity to the kite quadrilaterals.

Rectangle is one the common and basic kinds of quadrilateral. It can even be acknowledge by students in grade school. It is composed of four right angles. It is defined as equiangular quadrilateral which means it has four 90 degree angles. Its name is derived from the Latin word ‘rectangulus’ which is a combined name of rectus that means right and angulus means angle.

Rhombuses are kinds of quadrilaterals that are very similar to the kite. Its only difference is that its four sides have duplicate length. It is a simple quadrilateral that is also known as the equilateral quadrilateral that means all sides are equal in length. It is commonly called as diamond. It name is derived from the Greek word ‘rhombos’ which means anything that spins.

Squares are the most common kinds of quadrilaterals which shape is often used in certain objects. Such as pizza box and many more. It has four equal sides and four right angles. It is a regular quadrilateral which sometimes referred to as a rectangle with equal length on its two adjacent sides. It is the most common type of quadrilateral whose shape can be seen in almost everywhere.