Kinds Of Rabbits For Pets

Rabbits can be pleasing and a delight to have them as pets at home. There are many kinds of rabbits for pets in the market and they are fast earning acceptance. One reason which has led to more and more people to have rabbits as pets is the internet which brings information about rabbits to people. It is quite easy for new comers to understand the information provided (in their websites) by the organizations selling these rabbits.

Having rabbits as pet date back to the 18th century. Someone well known who used to keep rabbits as pets back then is a well known British called William Cowper who was a poet. He believed that they kept him from the depression he hard. He actually wrote poems about rabbits.

Before thinking of getting some as your pets, think first of the reasons why you want to have them and why you think you have time and money to care for them. So, here are the kinds of rabbits you can have as pets and the details of their features:

a) Angora Rabbits:

This kind of rabbits has a tendency to be gentle and curious. They make very good pets. All you have to have is some time to care for them and a way to give them their needs. They have long fine looking fur which might need grooming from time to time to make them neat.

b) American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit:

One interesting thing about Fuzzy Lops are that they love to be cuddled. They are comfortable and they tend to be loving and warm. They are very attractive to look at. They will need neatening from time to time.

c) Brittania Petite Rabbit:

These kinds of rabbits for pets are not actually dwarfs as they are normally referred to. They are just small rabbits. They are energetic and it might require a little more patience to tame them than other rabbits. They need some more attention and there personality of being curious makes them attractive.

d) Cinnamon Rabbit:

Cinnamon rabbits are quite large and they have a very attractive color combination. They are harder to find and they quite cheap to take care of because they are resistant and require little grooming.

e) Dutch Rabbits:

These kinds of rabbits for pets come in many colors but the most popular is black. They were first seen in Holland in 1964 and are considered some of the oldest rabbit pets. They have beautiful distinctive markings on their fur.

f) English Spot Rabbit:

English spot rabbits tend to eat little but are very active than most rabbits. They are quite slender because of their active nature. The advantage with having them as pets is that they can live with other pets like cats more easily than other types of rabbits.

g) Mini Lop Rabbits:

They tend to love cuddling and beautiful to look at. Its body size is smaller than that of other rabbits. They are considered to be very intelligent and are good pets for kids. They are smaller versions of the other big Lop rabbits.