Kinds Of Rabbits

Discover the kinds of rabbits. Have you seen rabbits? Or kept them as pets? Aren’t they so small, cute and furry? Many people reading this article might have kept rabbits as their pets. Rabbits come from the Leporidae family. A male rabbit is called a buck and the female is named as doe. Rabbits can be domestic as well as wild. Domestic rabbits are tamed at home either indoors or outdoors. Usually rabbits require a space for running and exercising. Their diet basically includes grasses, carrots and their droppings. There are many different kinds of rabbits. I am going to tell you about some.

American – This kind of rabbit weighs 12 pounds and has upright ears. Being one of the rare rabbits, its original color is blue.

American Fuzzy Lop- This rabbit of 4 pounds has floppy ears and very soft and smooth furs.

American Sable – Its weight is 10 pounds and this rabbit is brown in color.

Belgian Hare- This rabbit of 9.5 pounds has a very thin body and features that make it look like a hare.

Beveren – The beveren weighs 12 pounds and has large heavy ears. It is found in a variety of colors. It has a glossy fur coat.

Blanc De Hotot – This kind of rabbit weighs 11 pounds and is white in color. One special feature of this rabbit is that its eyes
are lined with black eyeliner.

Britannia Petite – This is a small rabbit of weight 2.5 pounds. This kind of rabbit looks a bit like a hare. They are a little bit of a show off. They are found in 5 different colors: black, black otter, chestnut agouti, ruby eyed white and sable martin. These rabbits have a very small face.

Californian- This kind of rabbit is white in color and has big brown ears and nose. They are usually domestic ones. They are similar in features to the Himalayan rabbit.

Checkered giant- This is a rabbit breed developed in Europe. These kinds of rabbit have a lot of weight and upright ears. It is usually called show rabbits. Their features include markings down their backbone and they are spotted too.

Cinnamon- Just as the name sounds, this kind of rabbit has a uniform cinnamon color all over its body, though the ears are darker in shade. It weighs 11 pounds and has ears which are upright.

Dutch- This rabbit has a weight of 5.5 pounds, usually rounded in shape. They have two colors. The upper part of the body is a shade of white while the lower part is of a darker shade. This kind of rabbit is a very popular rabbit.

Dwarf Hotot- This rabbit is a very small one of only 3 pounds. This rabbit is also known as the ‘eyes of the fancy’. Their unique appearance makes them more attractive. These rabbits need a small living area.

Florida White – As the name suggests, this rabbit is white in color and weighs 6 pounds. This kind of rabbit has a compact size and it is used as food and also in research operations.