Kinds Of Red Flowers

There are many kinds of red flowers to learn about. Red flowers are eye-catching, vibrant, and give a more distinctive look in the environment. There are so many of them. Below are some of the most common kinds of rose flowers.

The vibrant red pansy, also known as viola tricolor hybrid, has dual colored petals. The outside of the petals is bright red while the inside is dark red. Pansies are grown annually and grow well in moist soils. They grow best when put in flower beds, borders, or containers. They spread up to 6 inches and have a height of about 7 inches.

Cardinal Flower
The cardinal flower is a U.S plant. They grow in 8-inch clusters and the leaves are light green with edges that look fragile. The cardinal flower attracts hummingbirds and their blooming period is between May and October. Another nice thing about these kinds of rose flowers is that they are both clay and drought tolerant. They are best planted under the sun.

Swan Burgundy and White Columbine
These kinds of red flowers have dual colored petals. During growth, the center of the petals gradually transforms from deep burgundy to pure white. During bloom, there is red foliage that surrounds the stem which makes it more eye-catchy. They are best planted in well drained soils.

Scarlett Buckeye
The Scarlett Buckeye is mostly found in central Texas, North Carolina, and Florida. This small shrub has clustered red flowers with deep green foliage. The flowers attract hummingbirds and are usually tube-shaped. The seeds and saplings of the plant are very poisonous and should not be kept close to young children or your pets. They perform very well in partial shades and can grow as tall as 40 feet.

Red Rose
Red rose is used to symbolize love as it is associated with the heart since the Roman Empires and Ancient Greek. It is the most popular of all kinds of red flowers. They come in deep red, cardinal and light red and are usually a symbol of romance, passion and love. As they are constantly used in weddings to express eternal bond, they are often carried to convey different messages. For instance, the open rose symbolizes assurance of love, while rosebud symbolizes ‘first love’.

Red Hydrangea
Hydrangeas come in different colors and can be varied both naturally and artificially. To obtain a red hydrangea, one needs to change the soil composition of a pink hydrangea. There are so many variations of the red hydrangea. However, the most common ones are the ‘Lady in Red’ and ‘Forever & Ever’ hydrangea.

Also known as the Flamingo, this beautiful, shinny, heart shaped flower is one of the most durable of all kinds of red flowers. The Anthurium is a native of Hawaii and is used to symbolize hospitality, happiness, and abundance.

Red Calla Lily
The Red Calla lily comes in shades such as ruby, scarlet, crimson or burgundy. These kinds of red flowers are mostly used in flower arrangements and can be obtained both artificially and naturally. There are different varieties of this flower and the most common ones are ‘Red Alert’, ‘Majestic Red’, and Red ‘Sox’.

Red Orchid
Red orchids mostly grow in Singapore, Thailand, and the Amazon jungle.Two of the most popular ones are Cymbidium Orchid and Dendrobium ‘Red Bull’