Kinds Of Renewable Energy

Learn about kinds of renewable energy. Renewable energy is such kind of energy that come from natural resources, which includes wind, sunlight, rain, tides, heat, waves etc. These are those forms of resources that can easily be replenished. Much renewable energy are developed from these natural resources which helps people in various purposes and makes their lives easy. There are several kinds of renewable energy; most of them rely on sunlight, wind and water. Here are some of the kinds of renewable energy discussed in detail.

Wind power:
Wind power is among very valuable kinds of renewable energy, which helps to run wind turbines, and to produce electricity through wind. Wind farms are created in a region where winds are constant and strong. From the power of wind, wind mills works faster and generate more electricity. Higher the speed of the wind higher will be the production. It can produce 40 times more energy than the current electricity generation process if wind mills are installed on a large area.

Hydro power:
Water is very powerful natural resource which can be beneficial in many ways if used wisely. Hydropower is among those kinds of renewable energy which can be used effectively even in low quantity. Micro hydro system can generate an enormous amount of electricity for many years. Hydroelectric energy is also used in large dams and to reserve water for the whole country. Many developed countries already use hydroelectric dams to serve their nation.

Solar power:
This is those kinds of renewable energy which is abandon in nature. It comes from the sun which is existent everywhere. This energy can be collected and used in many different ways. It can be helpful to generate electricity; can be converted into electrical energy, which will be helpful in many appliances and automobiles. Solar energy is nowadays used in many products like watches, solar cars, solar cells etc. It is the cheapest natural resource available widely. With much technological advancement, this energy has been used in various purposes making lives easy for people.

Bio mass:
This is one of the kinds of renewable energy that comes from plants. Most popular use of this energy is burning of trees and using it for the purpose of cooking in forests and various parts of the world. The gas release from burning of plants and trees is very dangerous for nature as it creates air pollution and cause many diseases. Nowadays biomass is converted into various forms making different biofuels, oils, gases and diesels. It is also commonly used for methane generation, alcohol for automobiles and electrical power plants.

Geo thermal power:
This is one of the kinds of renewable energy comes from the earth and its resources. It can be through radioactive decay of minerals or land. The heat that is used as Geo thermal power comes from deep inside the earth. If you go to the core of the earth 5000 miles down then, you will find this kind of energy. It is extremely high in temperature and pressure and help in melting huge rocks. It is commonly used for electricity generation.