Kinds Of Roofs

Learn about kinds of roofs. Hip, gable, mansard, or flat: these are all various kinds of roofs one can choose when building his house. But what exactly are those styles?

The flat roof is the simplest from all the kinds of roofs one can imagine. It is just a flat surface placed on top of a house; as if one is covering a wooden box with one flat piece of wood. It has, however, a small slope, that usually goes unnoticed by the naked eye.

The gable roof is probably the most common roof used. The shape is basically like that of a triangle, where two equal sized are placed together at an equal angle with respect to the house.

Among the kinds of roofs which offers protection from weather conditions, the hip roof is probably the best. Unfortunately, since
it is made from at least 4 different surfaces that are in a way wrapped around the house, it takes up more room from the ceiling.
The mansard roof is made from: a flat surface that is proportionate to the size of the house, which is almost horizontal to the ground, with just a slight angle so that rain water runs off, and it also has four slopes around the house (one for each side). As a result mansard roofs offer more spacious attics.

There are also some other kinds of roofs, like the gambrel roof, the saltbox, the shed roof, etc, as well as variations within certain kinds of roofs. But when building any roof one need also consider the material he to be used. For example, the slate roof is a costly option, but one that shall reward its owner aesthetically, and will also persist through time. Metal roofs on the other hand reflect the sun and offer a unique advantage in warm climates. In addition to this, they are eco-friendly, since metal roofs are usually made from recycled materials. Asphalt shingles are probably the cheapest kinds of roofs one can find, and it is available on a variety of colors. Roofs made from clay tile, on the other hand, have a long life span but they require a house with a solid structure to support its heavy weight. As for wooden roofs, they are probably the middle way solution, both in terms of money and of potential life span

To sum things up, one would say that each kind of roof has its own advantages and disadvantages. One leaves more space on the ceiling than another. One is more susceptible to damage by the wind, while another might be more weather resistant. One might take up more physical space, or be more costly, look prettier, last longer, and the list goes on

In conclusion, there is not really a kind roof that is the best, but only roofs that best meet the requirements of a house owner, depending on the owner’s finances, the material he wishes to use, his aesthetic view, and the weather conditions of the area where the house is located.