Kinds Of Roses Bushes

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers commonly available to man, thus it is a good idea to have know about the various kinds of roses bushes one can find. When we think about kinds of roses bushes we think of the typical rose bush dotted with roses of a single color. But the fact is there are various kinds of roses bushes, apart from the obvious. There are around 100 different species of rose so it is no wonder that there are various kinds of plants forms on which roses can be found. Knowing all the kinds of roses bushes and plants is the job of a botanist; so it is impossible to remember all the different kinds.

Amongst the more popular kinds of roses bushes here are few:-

– Hybrid tea- this is one of the most popular kinds of roses due to its long stem that is easy to cut. Generally these rose plants are not seen as bushes. A single flower grows on an elongated stem. This means that the elongated stem droops a little under the weight of the flower and the plant as a whole does not have a large number of flowers growing together. The roses that come from such a plant are generally found in florist shops since they are more popular that the other roses with shorter stems. So, this rose bush does not appear much like a bush.

– Floribunda- when one imagines a thick and blossoming rose bush rich with a bounty of flowers, they are thinking of the floribunda variety of roses. Unlike the more popular hybrid tea the flowers of this plant grows together in clusters. So instead of elongated stems with a single flower we see a cluster of flowers on shorter stems. These bushes are more popular for landscaping since it offers an eyeful.

– Grandiflora- this rose is the perfect amalgam since it offers the best of both the hybrid tea as well as floribunda. Biggest advantage of this plant is that it blooms multiple times during the blossoming season. Unlike the typical hybrid tea the stems are shorter, much like the floribunda. But it offers single flowering stems like the hybrid tea. The bush grows to a height of 5 to 6 feet thus is a brilliant addition to any landscape.

– Miniature- these plants are best for home gardens since they are of a manageable size and offers flowers continuously. They do not require the maintenance effort that the other, bigger kinds of roses bushes require. They can be placed both indoors and out. The versatility makes this kind of rose bush highly popular.

Apart from the various kinds of roses bushes rose plants can come in different shapes. Roses can be found on shrubs. They can be grown is the form of beautiful creepers, which adds elegance to any landscape. One can even graft roses onto stems forming rose trees, which offers unique beauty. So, bushes are not the only form in which one can find rose plants.