Kinds Of Roses

Explore the Kinds Of Roses. Undoubtedly one of the most popular flowers in the world, the rose has been one of the oldest plants in cultivation. There are currently over 100 known kinds of roses, varying in shape and size, in colors usually ranging from red to yellow, going through a varied palette of pink, crimson, vermillion, candy pink or chrome yellow. Most kinds of roses are in fact descending from a series of Asian and European species which have been bred and hybridized in the 19th century. Of the 100 species, the general rose garden variety classification will be delimited by three main groups determined by the plants’ habits of growth.

1) The bush rose variety
This variety is basically self-supported and will bear flowers towards the top of the plant. These bushes can grow to be 6 feet tall when they reach maturity but average height is 2 feet. These kinds of roses can also grow in miniature size, usually reaching 20- 24 inches. Depending on their geographic position and flowering habits, the bush kinds of roses can be further divided into several groups:

a) Everblooming roses, also known as hybrid teas. These are most convenient kinds of roses to keep in your garden, if climate allows it, since they can bloom all through the growing season. The bushes are high, reaching 5, 6 feet. These are available in varied pastel colors, yellows, pinks and pure whites. Most everblooming kinds of roses have long pointed buds and grow in clusters. Generally, fragrance is not very strong but it can be quite pleasantly felt in the morning.

b) Perpetuals often flower in early June and will have another blooming session throughout the summer, but their growth episodes are not always consistent. This variety has unique, very large flowers which aren’t always too fragrant.

c) Floribundas are some of the kinds of roses that are growing in popularity. These are usually very easy to maintain and are rich in color, so many gardens will have them, because they are pretty decorative (yet, don’t cut them to put them in a vase, they will look better in your garden).

d) Grandifloras are a cross type between the everblooming variety and the floribundas. These flowers grow either in long stemmed clusters or in single blooms. They are extremely decorative types of roses and have a delicate fragrance.

e) Polyantha variety is one of the most resistant of all kinds of roses. Usually they will be cultivated in areas where the
everblooming ones aren’t as easy to maintain throughout a summer season.

f) Heritage roses are the most fragrant of all bush types and are the hardiest of all.

2) The shrub rose variety
This mainly includes a lot of wild rose species, generally used for landscaping needs. You can determine their identity quite easily, because their petal number is smaller and the stems are also small and delicate.

3) The climbing rose variety
Of all the types of roses available, these are the most resilient of flowers and are extensively used for landscaping support. This variety is also everblooming and has very large flowers.

a) Ramblers can grow up to 20 feet in full season. They grow in dense clusters of 2 inch flowers.

b) Large flowered ones are among the types of roses that grow relatively hard. They need a lot of gardening support and need to be attached to a fence or trellis.

c) Everblooming climbing roses are very similar to the hybrid tea roses. Like their bush counterparts, they have a strong alluring fragrance.

d) The trailing variety is also very decorative. These roses grow on the ground, along a series of long canes. They can be supported to grow on walls or garden banks.