Kinds Of Scorpions In Texas

Scorpions could be identified by anyone by their unique shape. Various kinds of scorpions in texas prefer the dry habitat but could be found throughout the city. There are around 18 kinds of scorpions in Texas. Most of these species could be seen in the Big Bend area. These scorpions would be an average of 2 inches in size. The color of the scorpions in Texas would be varying from light to dark. The kinds of scorpions in Texas are not considered as deadly species. However, these could inflict a sharp and painful stinging to the people which might cause a local reaction. These reactions would vary from one person to another. The venom that is being produced by these scorpions is a neurotoxin and hence, if any person is stung by them should be observed very closely. If the person got some difficulties in breathing, then he or she should be consulted with the Poison Center.

Most common among the kinds of scorpions in Texas:

Striped Bark Scorpion:

The most common among the kinds of scorpions in texas is the striped bark scorpion. The striped bark scorpion takes its scientific name as ‘Centruroides vittatus’ and could be seen throughout the city. These scorpions are yellowish tan in color and the adults of these kinds of scorpions in Texas would be around two and a half inches long. The striped bark scorpions would contain two broad and dark stripes which will be running along the length of its back. This would also contain a dark mark at the front of its head which is triangular in shape. The immature forms of these scorpions would be light in color. This scorpion species could be identified by the slender, pincer bearing arms and long tail. The male species would be having their tails longer than the female species.

Habitats of scorpions:

The could be found in many kinds of habitats like

– Desert flats

– Sand dunes

– Desert and mesic mountains

– Grasslands

– Pine forests

– Deciduous forests

– Chaparral

However, the most common type of habitat is the desert. The striped bark scorpion could be found both indoors and outdoors in a wide range of habitats. Most often, this species could be found under the rocks, boards and in the debris. These kinds of scorpion are the active foragers and they do not burrow. They are more distinctly associated to the dead vegetation, human dwellings and the logs that are fallen.

Information about other species of scorpions in Texas:

Out of the 18 species that are found in Texas, the striped bark scorpion is the only species that could be found all over the city. This is the only species that could be seen in the eastern parts of Texas. The other species that are seen in Texas are the bark scorpions which are Centruroides gertshi and Centruroides sculpturatus. These are the species which are well known for causing the fatalities in human. The two most dangerous and poisonous species are Centruroides gertshi stahnke and Centruroides sculpturatus Ewing.