Kinds Of Seeds

What are the benefits that we can get from different kinds of seed? Seeds is mostly found and used in the ground but these days it is also used on dinner tables as an ingredient for certain dishes. All kinds of seeds have their own distinctive characteristic which means there is no single seed that are similar. Some of the seeds are edible and is very easy to chew while some had a hard shell in its exterior enclosing a pulp that is permeable inside it. It also has variety of colors which depends upon the type of seed. Here are the kinds of seeds.

-Vegetable seed is available in variety of sizes and shapes. The way of seed germination greatly differs from each seeds. Mostly of the seeds needs appropriate amount of water to enable them to properly germinate. Cucumber has a seeds in it’s within its spine that is tear drop like in shape and light green in color. While the seed of the carrots develops and can be found flowering part of it. It is very small and black in color so it is usually unnoticeable. A carrot usually produces seeds when they are not harvested. The seed of the tomato is being bind with a jelly like components inside itself.

-Flower seed are kinds of seeds that differ a lot in color, shape and texture. Some of these flower seeds are having a brown or cream color. While some of it is black and look like a vegetable seed. There are certain kinds of flowers that produce a kind of seed that is much tinier than vegetable seeds. These kinds of seeds can easily be blown when the wind blows. This flower seeds are very firm and soft.

-Fruit seeds are kinds of seeds that are very unique. It varies in shapes, sizes and textures. Some seeds of the fruits offer health benefits which helps a lot in promoting a healthy living. An example of such fruit seeds is the seed of an avocado fruit that is find in the core of the fruit. It is very shiny, thick and firm. This fruit seed is said to be high in omega 3 which promotes a healthier heart. It is also containing high level of fats and other oils that promote health. Another example of a fruit seed is the peaches. The peach can grow into its own creating a new plant under its ideal conditions.

-Edible seeds are kinds of seeds that can be eaten by humans. An example of it is the seed of the sunflower. These kinds of seeds provide a crunchy food which offers a lot of nutrients such as protein, b-vitamins and minerals. Mustard seeds, beans, flax seeds, cumin and sesame seeds. Some type of nuts and fruit seeds also belongs to this seed group. Almonds are type of seed is very rich in calcium. A lot of kinds of seeds in this category are well known rich in vitamin E. These edible seeds are often being added or mixed with soups, salads and other recipes.