Kinds Of Sentences According To Structures

There are various kinds of sentences according to structures of the sentence. To know the various kinds of sentences according to structure it is important to know what clauses are. Once the concept of a clause is clear in one’s mind they will have no difficulty in understanding the different kinds of sentences according to structure. The number of clauses and the dependence of the clauses create the different kinds of sentences according to the structure. So, it is the clauses that create the different structures of the sentences.

There are four kinds of sentences according to the structure. Here are the kinds of sentences according to the structure with examples:

– Simple sentence- this is the most basic kind of sentence. The sentence consists of a verb and a subject expressing a complete thought. There are no dependent clauses, only a single independent clause forms a simple sentence.

For example- He ate an orange.

The cat died.

– Compound sentence- here there are two or more independent clauses but they are jointed to form one sentence using a coordinating conjunction. At times a semicolon, instead of a conjunction, may be also used to join the clauses. But none of the clauses should be a dependent clause which means the clauses must be able to form sentences even without the other clauses.

For example- I arrived late yet I attended the class.

He went to the mall and he saw a big shop.

She bought a bag; the bag was red.

– Complex sentence- when there is one independent clause and one or more dependent clause(s) joined together, using subordinating conjunctions or a relative pronoun, the sentence formed is a complex sentence. There has to be only one independent clause while there other clauses must be dependent clauses. If the sentence begins with a dependent clause then a coma must be put after the dependent clause.

For example- She met the man who had followed her.

He came on a horse which was black as the night.

I am awake though it is late.

Though it is late, I am awake.

– Complex compound sentence- these kinds of sentences are also called compound complex sentences. These sentences must have two independent clauses as well as one or more depended clause(s). The independent clauses are generally joined using coordinating conjunctions just like it is done in compound sentences. While the dependent clause is joined using a subordinating conjunction or relative pronoun.

For example- My mother likes cooking but I do not like cooking because it takes too much time.

He went to home but she was at the doctor when he arrived.

So, these are the various kinds of sentences that one needs to know about. But to be able to know the kinds of sentences according to the structure one must have a good knowledge of other factors. Prepositions and conjunctions are essential when it comes to sentence structures. Without having knowledge of clauses, conjunctions, prepositions and punctuations one cannot know about the kinds of sentence structures.