Kinds Of Sentences In Practice

Learning and using a language can be a daunting task but very important in order to pass the right message when communicating with others. We all need to learn the kinds of sentences in practice so that so that we have the ability to construct sentences that allow us to pass messages to other conveniently.

There are four basic kinds of sentences in practice viz. Declarative Sentences, Imperative sentences, exclamatory sentences and interrogative sentences.

Here is an explanation of each kind of sentence practice in practice:

Declarative Sentences:

Their basic function is to just pass information. There punctuation is mostly a full stop at the end of it. These kind forms the most part of essays and formal writings.

Examples of how declarative sentences are used are:

1. The meeting is about to start.

2. Tomorrow is my birthday.

3. We are making soup.

4. You are beautiful, Lydia.

5. I am hungry, I want some food.

Imperative sentences:

They are used to command, express a wish, need or desire. They normally have a full stop at the end though there are cases that require exclamation point. They can be long and complex.

Examples of imperative sentences:

1. Watch out for stray dogs.

2. Please speak more loudly.

3. Help!

4. Leave anything you are doing and come to say hi to grandma.

Exclamatory sentences:

These is a kind of sentence in practice to show firm motions. They normally have an exclamation mark at the end of them. Examples of exclamatory sentences are:

a) We are waiting for the party to start.

b) Hello, I have won a lottery!

c) That was the best meal I ever hard!

d) Please don’t leave me a lone.

Interrogative Sentences:

Interrogative sentences are easy to recognize is writings. They are written for asking questions and end with a question mark.

Examples are:

1. Are we there yet?

2. Where is my ball?

3. Please remove your clothes.

4. Where did it go?

When writing, we should engage in using different sentence types so that your articles are more interactive and interesting to the readers. Writing your articles only with declarative sentences will make it boring.

It is now obvious to you that learning and using different sentence structures will make your daily life a little easier. Practice using all the kinds of sentences in practice while you write your articles and people will be scrambling for them.

There are a lot of things that you can do to learn about these kinds of sentences in practice. One of them is that you can look for newspapers, magazines and other books or written articles and sit down and start reading them.

Try to figure out how punctuation can ruin or build the sentence structure and its meaning.

Another activity that can be fun with learning is talking with people in English and figuring out how different sentence structures are useful in talking. This will help you get used to using different sentence kinds.

When one becomes creative with the use of sentence types, they can come up with interesting articles.