Kinds Of Sharks In The World

There are over 400 kinds of sharks in the world. Some of them can be very big while others can be quite small. The largest kinds of sharks in the world are the Whale Sharks that can grow up to 35 feet long while the smallest shark is called the Dwarf Lantern Shark which can only reach up to 8 inches long. Before we go down on the list of different kinds of sharks in the world, here are some facts about them.

Sharks are fish and dive deep

Sharks don’t usually come up the above of water to breathe like most marine mammals because they are fish and they have gills that gives them the ability to breathe underwater. Sharks are not usually found higher or lower between 7,000 feet and 10,000 feet. They can only be seen at other elevation when they hunt for food or because of fear.

Sharks are intelligent creatures and sleep

They should not always be categorized as ruthless eaters. Sharks are generally curious about their environment. Sharks do sleep but with their eyes open and each side of their brain sleeps one at a time so they can continue to take in air even when they rest.

On to the different kinds of sharks in the world. There are many species and kinds of sharks that can be found in the ocean. While some species are best left alone and feared, there are other kinds which are very calm; in fact some of the largest species are actually the nicest one to encounter.

Here are some of the most popular kinds of sharks in the world:

Angel Sharks

Angel Sharks are not meat eater. They eat what they can find at the bottom of the ocean such as clams and mollusks. Angel Sharks are odd types of sharks. There are people who, at first glance, thought of them as large stingrays.

Hammerhead Sharks

This shark is known for its head which is long and looks like a hammer’s end parts. Many people are afraid of Hammerhead Sharks because of their looks but it is not likely for them to attack a person since only three types are considered dangerous to humans.

Reef Sharks

This type of shark has the ability to adapt to anywhere even in captivity. They are loner type of sharks and seldom interact with others and only do so when it’s time to breed. Reef Sharks can reach up to six feet in length and have very distinct features. Its top color is gray and underneath they are all white or have white streaks and the fins’ tips are black.

Great White Shark

This is one of the most popular species of sharks. Great White Sharks are considered the most dangerous types of sharks. They also belong to the rare species that raise their heads on the surface of the water. They can reach up to almost 16 feet in length and weigh between 1,500 to 2,400 pounds. Great White Sharks are known to attack more people than any other kind of sharks.