Kinds Of Sharks

Learn about kinds of sharks:

Sharks are a cluster of fish categorized by a cartilaginous skeleton, it has five to seven gill slots on both sides of the head. Sharks are spread out into over 470 kinds. Kinds of sharks are range from the dwarf lantern shark (profound sea specie of only 6.7 inches in length), to the whale shark, the largest fish in the world, which is about 12 metres. There are various different kinds of sharks that are highly found everywhere in the world.

Angel Shark: This is kind of shark have a plane body. This shark does not have any resemblance to the ray as its fins are not closely attached by its head side. They can hide their body in the mud with only the upper part of its body being uncovered. They eat clams and molluscs and fishes which swim near the sea floor.

Black tip Reef Shark: It makes well in custody and so is commonly kept in aquariums. It is about 6 (six) feet in length and has also a black tip and some fine white lines at its fins.

Blue Shark: Blue sharks are around 12 (twelve) feet long. It has a smooth, pointed body and is among the top fastest sharks that can jump through the water. Its diet includes squid, however, it can eat almost everything.

Bull Shark: It is the third most hazardous kind of sharks which have attacked to the people. Its speciality is that it can spin and swim in water as well as salt and normally found at the Mississippi river side.

Great White Shark: This shark attacks more on humans than any other kind of shark. Its average length is 12 (twelve) feet and it has a weight of around 3,000 (Three Thousand) pounds.

Goblin Shark: This kind of shark is extremely unusual and is possibly the stranger looking shark. It has fair skin with a combination of pink and grey colour skin and has a long sharp nose, appears like a blade on its head. It lives in deep inside the water.

Mako Shark: It is the fastest shark ever and swims with almost 43 (forty three) miles in an hour. This kind of shark does not have any other special ability but knows how to jump through the water.

Nurse Shark: It has a very skinny and slim organ on its lower side of jaw which they make use of, for eating purpose. It hunts at night time and sleep in the day light. This kind of shark is commonly found in aquariums.

Sand tiger Shark: It has very sharp teeth that help it to eat its trey. It is 10 (ten) feet in length and is commonly known as a predator. Like most other kinds of sharks it hunts at night time. The female shark used to have two uterus in its body to give birth to a baby shark. Lots of sharks get birth at uterus, but only the toughest and the powerful one kills the other baby sharks before they even get birth.

Whale Shark: This is the biggest kind of shark on earth. It is not to be confused with the biggest animal in the world i.e. a whale it’s just biggest in its own category. It grows up to 45 (forty five) feet in length and weights of about 30,000 (thirty thousand) pounds.

There are lots of other kinds of sharks as stated above which differs with the above in size, shape and lifestyle.