Kinds Of Shoes For Men

Fashion, these days, is no longer confined only to women; rather, in the recent years, men have also become the target of fashion-savvy experts and forward-thinking designers who aim to expand fashion culture and reach out to a demographic that does not involve the weaker sex. Having said that; shirts, ties and jeans are not the only garments that have come under scrutiny, but also a variety of headwear and different kinds of shoes for men.

While an ordinary guy might be more comfortable having just a small handful of shoes, the more fashion-forward members of the male species are picking up on the significance of knowing and owning more than just a pair of sneakers. If you’re the type of guy who is completely clueless, or if you know a man who might need a little help figuring out the shoe department, then this article on different kinds of shoes for men is definitely worth a read.

– Sneakers – Sneakers, or plimsolls, as the British call them, are every guy’s trusty go-to pair for casual events. As a matter of fact, some men would hold on to pairs of sneakers they’ve had for several years, even when they seem to be close to getting ripped off at the seams. These shoes perfectly match a pair of dark jeans and a crew neck tee shirt, and can be worn for any relaxed activity, such as taking your dog for a walk in the park, doing your groceries or drinking beer at your local, laidback bar.

– Trainers – Trainers are athletic kinds of shoes for men, and are basically worn to provide protection and comfort during physical activities such as daily workouts, sports or anything that involves exercise. Every guy should invest in a good and sturdy pair of trainers, preferably in an unobtrusive shade of white. While white shoes may be a bit of a challenge to clean, the color definitely means business, easily comes off as masculine, and is perhaps the most common choice for men who enjoy a good run in the morning or a biweekly sweat session at the gym.

– Brogues – Their name automatically gives off an old-fashioned feel, but don’t write these shoes off just yet. No matter what you think, brogues are back in style. These kinds of shoes for men are generally brown or black leather shoes with decorative stitches and punctures symmetrically lined across their bodies. If you’re aiming to make a subtle yet powerful fashion statement, skip your ordinary derby shoes and pair your suit up with newly shined brogues instead.

– Derby shoes – On the other hand, if you’re more comfortable adapting a simple, conventional, classic style, then derby shoes are definitely the way to go. Derby shoes can generally be described as leather shoes with narrow but open shoelaces. They look a lot like brogues, but feature a simpler and more unassuming kind of design. These kinds of shoes for men are best worn with suits to formal functions or with your regular office wear (vests, ties slacks). Derby shoes are also quite versatile and may add a nice, elegant touch to casual wear.