Kinds Of Shoes For Women

Shoes are very important to our important. They have the ability to create or destroy a good impression in the public. It is for important people to put more effort to choosing the kind of foot ware fit for them. There are many kinds of shoes for women.

The kinds of shoes for women have to match their kind of dressing. That is why many different shoes are available for women those of men. Men’s’ shoes are more uniform than those of women.

Women should not trade their comfort for the sake of beauty when choosing from different kinds of shoes. Kinds of shoes for women are generally categorized as Flat shoes and Heels.


They are very popular kind of shoes. These shoes hold the womans’ heels off the ground. They come in different heel sizes. This kind of shoes for women are very common than other types.


These are those kinds of shoes for women that cover the feet entirely. They come in different varieties and they can either be heeled, wedged or flat. They normally extend towards the knee. They are made from different materials ranging from canvas to leather and suede.


These are those shoes that do not lift the heels up the lock into the case of heels. They can be any kind of shoe so long as they do no have heels. These are normally good for the comfort.


This kind of shoe covers the whole foot leaving only the top. These are casual kinds of shoes for women that normally leave the toes out. Sandals other name is Flip-flops.


Mules can be flat or heeled shows that cove only the toes of the feet and leave the back end open. They are quite formal shoes and are best worn with jeans.

Wedge Shoes:

These shoes elevate the heels from the ground but they are far more comfortable that Heels because there is no space between the heel and the sole of the shoes. They are loved by women because they are comfortable, stylish and they can be won with different clothes.


They are heeled shoes which are which are normally worn with straps. They are very good shoes for formal wear.

Sport Shoes:

These are kinds of shoes that you use them to the gym. One should be careful in choosing this kind of shoes in order to get the most comfortable for a physical activity. Flat shoes are normally preferred to hilled shoes for sports.

Penny Loafers:

These are a beautiful pair of flat shoes normally worn for formal occasions. It looks great in almost all the clothes. They come in various colors including blue, yellow and white.

Mary Jane:

These are open toes kind of shoes which are heeled. You will have a lot of fun with the beauty that comes from wearing this shoe. And they are mostly worn casually.

Custom shoes:

They are good shoes for any formal occasion while giving your feet some freedom as they are open shoes.