Kinds Of Shoes

Read about kinds of shoes. A shoe is supposed to be that accessory that protects one’s feet and gives comfort to it. This is a device or rather an object, that helps people to walk freely and be comfortable while walking. These days many kinds of shoes are available in the markets. A shoe is not only an object of showing off, but it also provides comfort. So it is necessary to choose the right kind of shoes for the right foot and the right purpose. Shoes also vary according to the purpose for which it is being used. Say for example a dancing shoe does not have the same structure as a running shoe and the like. The different kinds of shoes are:

1. Dancing shoes – These shoes are specialized for dancing and hence it is made flexible enough to provide ease of movement. The shoes included in this category are of various kinds as well. Ballet shoes are soft canvas or leather shoes which are generally made of one knit, at the max two. Pointe shoes are rubber shoes that are made for ballet. Jazz shoes are specialized for jazz dance. Ball room shoes have heels that are designed for balls. Dance sneaker is light sneakers that help in dancing. Foot thongs are the small slip-ons in which the toes are slipped-in and this helps to reduce the frictions while taking turns or other such similar movements.

2. Athletic shoes – These are shoes that are specialized for sports such as running, jumping and other such activities. There are different kinds of shoes for weight lifting, wrestling, basketball and the like. Shoes for skating, skateboarding, climbing or rock climbing are made of a very special and different built.

3. Boots – These are generally formal wears. Certain boots are also made such that they can be worn with casual wears and give a classy and stylish look. These may or may not have heels. The boots that are worn with casuals can be of ankle length, but that are formal wears are not. Boots are for both men and women, but they are designed individually.

4. Dress and Casual wear – The shoes that are of casual wear can be categorized into various groups; there can be sandals, stilettos, ballet flats, sling backs, mules, court shoes and the like for women. As for men there are a lot of varieties available as well. There are Slip-ons, cap shoes, derby, monk straps, plain toes, brogues and many more.

5. Unisex – Certain shoes are meant for both, men and women. There are no basic differences in these kinds of shoes. They include the slip-ons, slippers, sandals, clogs, platform shoes, boat shoes etc.

6. Orthopedic Shoes -Certain shoes are specially designed for special cases where the foot needs special care.
Hence, it is very evident that all these kinds of shoes are made for different purposes. So judicious choice of shoes is very important in order to have a healthy and comfortable walking experience.