Kinds Of Skin Rashes

Explore the kinds of skin rashers. Skin rashes is a term used to describe conditions which make the skin lose their natural appearance or conditions which cause irritations or unusual feeling on the skin surface. It’s not a specific kind of diagnosis. There are very many factors responsible for different kinds of skin irritation. Environment, exposing the skin to some chemicals or being bitten by insects such as mosquitos will always cause unusual feeling to the skin. The most common skin rashes include:

It’s characterized with inflammations on the skin surface which makes the skin to have some cracks. As a consequence the skin becomes dry as it losses more water, becomes itchy or irritating since all kinds of infections get an easier to get to the skin through these cracks. This compels one to be tempted to scratch the skin which makes it thicker as itching increases.
Most regions prone to these kinds of skin rashes include the elbows, eyelids, knees and hands however it’s not limited to only these areas. This condition may be worsened by various industrial products or environmental factors such as bad weather. Its main cause still remains anonymous to many.

Lukewarm showers, skin care products of even healing lotions can help in its treatment.

Fungal infections
The most common kinds of skin rashes are the ring worms and the athlete’s foot. Most areas prone to these kinds of skin rashes are ever moist, dark and warm which provide a very conducive environment for breeding.
Symptoms of fungal infections include cracks and blisters on the skin surface. In some rare occasions, the skin might start peeling. Fungus exist everywhere there hygiene should be maintained and proper skin e.g. drying the before putting on shoes or good skin care products.

Bacterial infections
These kinds of skin infections are prevalent when wound is not properly dressed. Bacteria get an opportunity to get into the body and at times may worsen the situation especially when it gets to the blood stream. This makes it more difficult to treat and may call advanced treatments. Areas infected may irritate, become red, extra pain and at times may start producing pus.

Bacterial kinds of skin infections multiply drastically and may affect the whole body if not properly treated.

It causes welts or red bumps to appear on the skin surface. This is normally caused by excess histamine released by the cells. It has quite a number of causes which include being allergic to different types of foods, nervousness, insect bites or it can also be genetic depending on one’s background.

One can use antihistamines but the best way is to avoid its major causes. This can only be known by going through allergy skin tests.

These are also very common kinds of skin rashes. They are caused by a virus called herpes simplex virus (HSV). The most common types of herpes are HSV type 1. Mostly it’s transmitted through sexual intercourse, or sharing of lipstick tester or while kissing.

When the immune-system of the body is weak, then one is more likely to get these kinds of infections. A doctor’s advice is imperative use of Valtrex is highly recommended.