Kinds Of Slang

Read about kinds of slang. Slang words are use of informal words in a particular group or people. It can be in the form of words of expressions, mostly slang language is considered as inappropriate, but most of the regions accepts and promote slang language in their social setting. In a decent social setting slang language is a taboo. The major purpose of using slang language can be, to express yourself in a different way that only few people can understand or to keep secrets from others. Nowadays slang language has become so common that it’s now used in regular conversation.

Here are some kinds of slang discussed which are used nowadays.

Idiot is a Greek word and has lots of meaning over the different period of time. This is among those kinds of slang, which was originated to refer to a person who was very private and was busy in his own life and have lots of secrets. He never participates in any other social activities. Later it was used to refer someone as a clown. Now, according to the dictionary idiot is referred to a person who has less mental capability and can’t give logical reasoning. According to Bible, idiot is a person who is uneducated.  It is considered as a slang word in many countries even though the meaning of this word is not incongruous.

It is among those kinds of slang word which people considered it cruel. The literal meaning of moron is foolish or stupid. This was originated by an American psychologist who demarcated this word for the people who are older in age, but their age doesn’t match with their mental capability. Those are ones who lacks intelligence and don’t have any sense of judgment.

Third- Degree:
Third degree is a very prehistoric word, and it is the only word, which has been used in a same way as it was originated. Third degree is referred to describe the extremism. These kinds of slang are used to show the intensity of anything, it can be the highest level of work, pressure, pain or confusion etc. Many authors also use this word in their novels to express the intensity of their characters.

Slut is among those kinds of slang which is very inappropriate and is used for women as it is referred for immoral women. But, the original meanings of slut were less creepy. It was referred to the girls who don’t keep their room clean. Now it is more often used to describe a woman character in a negative way.

Kinky is among those kinds of slang, which is nowadays commonly used to express the wild side of a person, specifically referring to a steamy sex, doesn’t really mean the same. It simply means to twist or bend. It was also used for something which was illegal. Later it has been attached with the inappropriate meanings.

Tope is among those kinds of slang, which is considered as a new generation slang word meaning the height of awesomeness. It is a combination of ‘tight and ‘dope. It refers to the things or person who is beyond amazing. Mostly teenagers denote girls on this word which makes it inappropriate.