Kinds Of Small Dogs

The different kinds of small dogs are favored as home pets because they are good companions. They can also be cuddly and good watchdogs for the kids.


Among the kinds of small dogs, this breed is unique because of its appearance. A dachshund has an elongated body and can adapt well to any living condition, as long as you don’t let him stay outdoors. Dachshunds are devoted and loving dogs with a good sense of humor. Once properly trained, it can go about its routine and not make a mess around the house. But before he can settle down and you can enjoy domestic bliss with him, you need to attend to an intense training phase. It tends to chew on stuff when bored and may do things that are detrimental to its overall health, like jumping, which can damage its sensitive spine.


The wrinkled face of these kinds of small dogs belies a gentle disposition. Maybe it’s because he knows his face looks funny to humans, he can be a comedic companion and friendly to people. Pugs have a mild disposition, but can be aggressive to unfamiliar people. His unique snout makes him a snorer, which he couldn’t help. This can be great as you’re always reminded that you have another living being around the house.


These kinds of dogs share many human traits like being noisy and lovable. In fact, parents with grown-up kids will be reminded of their kids’ childhood years with a Pomeranian around. They are good with kids when introduced as puppies, but they may not be for a household with allergic individuals as they shed hair quite often.


Chihuahuas are probably the most popular kinds of small dogs. They’re really tiny, but don’t let that fool you. They are known as loyal to their masters and aggressive to all others. When properly trained, they can be devoted watchdogs as they can bark a lot. They can be friendly to other house pets, as long as you keep them at the center of attention. They make up for their small size by having the biggest attitudes a dog can have.


These kinds of small dogs need lots of attention, but when properly trained, they can be great companions, especially for those with allergies. They don’t shed too much hair around the house, although they look like they’re always groomed by a professional. They have a long white coat that hardly ruffles unless you cuddle the dogs, which may be frequent given their affectionate nature.

American Hairless Terrier

These kinds of small dogs like to canoodle with birds and other outdoor animals. They are ever curious and can be playful during exercise. They are wary of strangers and would need some time to warm up to a person, even as puppies. Active individuals would appreciate these dogs as jogging companions, as they can be at their best out in the sun. They also like being asked to fetch toys in parks, but the younger ones often get sidetracked by all the other things to see outside like trees, squirrels, birds and kids running around.