Kinds Of Soil For Kids

Many people wish to know the kinds of soil for kids. It is important to learn that each kind of soil has its own unique uses. Moreover, there are four major soil types wherein each of them is formed by various processes and each is created with distinct materials. There are cases when one type of soil can be considered good for building some stuff, but other types may not. At times, some plants may easily be cultivated in one type of soil; however there are other plants which do not grow easily in other types of soil.

Different kinds of soil are considered mixtures of organic matter, minerals, air, water and several organisms which are the decomposing remains of animal and plant tissue. This develops at land surface which is also known as the skin of the earth. Soil plays a very important role since this has the capacity to support life on our planet as well as to aid plant life.

Soils can come in various colors like red, brown, black, white, yellow and gray. Considering these factors and reality, we must learn about the various kinds of soil in which plants may easily grow in and learn about other types of soil which are good for building some things which support life.


When this type of soil is dry, it has smooth texture; however it turns to be so sticky as it gets wet. This is formed by mini-sized inorganic particles grinded down from rock. Among the kinds of soil for kids, this type may be filled with healthy nutrients but does not enable air and water to penetrate in order to aid most plants. Since this soil has the characteristics such as stickiness and dries hard, this is a good choice for pottery making activity.


Loam is a mixture of silt, sandy soil and clay. It remains moist and enables air circulation and drainage. This is best for growing or cultivating plants. Since it easily breaks up, organic activity is allowed. As a matter of fact, many gardeners usually combine loam with other kinds of soil such as clay and sand.


It is very easy to tell what sand is. When you try to rub it on your hands, it gives you a very rough feeling. This type of soil is a combination of silica, rock and quartz. Sandy soil becomes glass once melted. This is good for areas which feel necessity for drainage such as sports fields. It is essential to understand that among the kinds of soil for kids this type does not have adequate nutrients to grow healthy and robust plants.


This type of soil is a mixture of clay and sandy soil. It is very powdery when dry. However, it is not sticky when wet as compared to clay. It is often used to grow crops, form concrete and sedimentary rocks as well as to build bricks.

As a whole, we can say that soil is a very substantial natural resource found on earth which has formed more than hundreds of years. It actually continues to form every single day. In addition, the ingredients contained in a soil can clearly describe what kind of soil it is and what purpose it can serve.