Kinds Of Soil Pollution

There are different kinds of soil pollution. Many articles and books group the different kinds of soil pollution. Here is a look at the four types here:

Solid Waste:

This kind of soil pollution mostly comes from the waste that are disposed by people and industries. Examples of solid wastes are damaged electronics, cars, papers, hospital waste. There are two major categories of this kind of waste. These are:

Biodegradable Waste which rot and decay after sometime. Examples are wood and other organic matter.

Others are non-biodegradable which means that they do not decay. Examples are metals and plastics

What brings problems with this kinds of waste is that they can stay in a place where they are disposed for many years therefore bringing about harm to animals plants and people.


These are kinds of soil pollution that come from the chemical plants and nuclear energy plants. These waste material from these chemical pants have to be stored somewhere. In many cases of nuclear waste, they are stored somewhere safe but some of them leak and find there ways out of this safe place. They will end up contaminating the soil and causing harm to the environment.

Pesticide and Fertilizers:

In order for farmers to get the best from their farms, they have to use a lot of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals in the farm. This causes a kind of soil pollution because these chemicals end up in the soil. It is evident from the dying plants and animals that this is not good for the environment. Some of these chemicals used in farms find their way into the waters.


We depend on wood to do many things including using them as fuel for boilers. Trees play a very important role in ensuring the continuity of life. Trees take up the Carbon dioxide from the air and in exchange adds up the oxygen to the air. They also help to add the nutrients to the soil which is good for any plant habitat. When trees are used up, the soil will be left bare which can be washed away with wind and rain water. This is a kind of soil pollution.


Mining companies clear the land as they mine and then when they are done mining, they leave the place without putting proper measures to protect the soil that they have exposed.

Sewage Treatment:

Waste in the sewage are normally treated and then directed to open land or stored in a sewage storage or burned up to produce energy. All these sewage disposal methods are bad for the soil.

Oil Refining:

When oil is being refined to produce usable kinds of fuel like gas oil and paraffin, there are a lot of waste that are disposed into the land causing pollution.

Construction Waste:

This refers to those waste material that remain unattended to when construction is done. This causes soil pollution.


These are the left overs that remain after the fuel such as coal or wood are burned in boilers. They cause pollution to the soil when they are not properly disposed