Kinds Of Soil Water

Soil is nothing but the naturally occurring substance. There can be different kinds of soil water but before moving to those kinds it is necessary to understand the meaning of soil water. The presence of water inside the soil can be seen after using microscope. In many cases this water can be sensed or seen physically. Thus, the soil that possesses the presence of water is called as soil water. It has given a scientific name of rhizic water. Depending on the amount of water and type of water there can three major kinds of soil water.

1) Gravitational water

2) Capillary water

3) Hygroscopic water

These kinds of soil water can be defined on the basis of function and utility of the water present inside the soil. The entire terrestrial ecology gets balanced on the basis of water. Water can be obtained from plenty of natural sources including soil as well. The presence and existence of water inside the soil can be detected by stirring particles and ions above the soil. Hydrological succession of the globe gets balanced on the basis of soil water. The actual source of water is precipitation. After precipitation, water returns to the environment by the processes of evaporation and transpiration. It should be noted that soil has the ability to store water inside. This is the actual cause for soil water. It is necessary to know more about the kinds of soil water.

Gravitational water:

The functioning of water present inside the soil can be controlled by the force of gravity. This type of water is called as gravitational water. Macrospores of soil consist of vast amount of gravitational water. Plants can consume minimal amount of gravitational water as the gravitational water gets evaporated rapidly.

Capillary water:

This is another form of water categorized into the kinds of soil water. This water gets to see inside macrospores of the soil. Capillary water is used for the production of composition of soil solution. Plants receive large amount of water by means of capillary water. Thus, it is one of the most important kinds of soil water.

Hygroscopic water:

This is the last type of soil water. Soil particles consist of emaciated surrounding of hygroscopic water. Plants cannot use this water because of its minimal amount. Among these three kinds of soil water, hygroscopic water represents very minimal amount. Thus, only gravitational water and capillary water can become a source of water for the plants.

The above stated kinds of soil water are three main types that comprise their own subcategories. There can be additional types included into the category of soil water. Some of these kinds can be experienced after touching to the soil whereas some types need microscope to feel presence of water inside the soil. Water plays the crucial role in maintaining ecosystem. Therefore, soil water has got tremendous importance as it helps balance the ecosystem. Several experiments are going on for locating the presence of any additional soil water. It is believed that many kinds of soil water are not revealed yet.