Kinds Of Sport Drinks

There many kinds of sport drinks available these days. It is not necessarily important to drink them when participating in athletics or any physical activity. They do have some ingredient to help in the maximum use of energy for instance; they have electrolytes which help in the balancing of the acid-base for maximum performance of the cells.

There are three major kinds of sport drinks:


This kind of sport drinks is made to aid in replacing of water lost in the body during sweating.

This kind of sport drinks is suitable for long distance runners in order to aid fast replacement of carbohydrates and electrolytes. They also help in adding glycogen to the storage parts as they are being used up.


Isotonic is made for average athlete and they help in promoting carbohydrates in the body and add water to the body that is lost during perspiration.

The reason people loose a lot of water during exercise is because their bodies are trying to maintain the temperature and this is done through sweating. During this process the body looses electrolytes. People in sports need to know the kinds of sport drinks that are suitable for their working out in order to have a way of reducing lose of electrolytes. The kidneys also help in the preservation of electrolytes during working out by reducing the amount of urine it produces.

One important and cheap way to keep your body during working out is to drink a lot of water before, during and after exercising. Water intake is not only very good when working out but also in life generally. Looking for kinds of sports drink is definitely not the only way to keep the electrolytes in the body in good proportion, eating the right kind of food is another way of doing this.

The major reason why sport drinks have a great deal of approval from athletes is that they taste really good. Manufacturers of these drinks and sugar and flavor to this drinks in order to attract more buyers even though they have no significant help for the athletes. They might actually be good for keeping your body hydrated at all times but they will cost you some money.

You can decide to make some of these drinks for yourself if you love these drinks and really want to save some money while enjoying them. For instance, you can make a hypotonic drink by simply adding 100 ml frozen orange juice to 1 liter of water and a little salt or add 200ml of frozen orange juice to the same amount of water and salt in order to make isotonic drink. To make a hypertonic drink, you will have to add 400ml of frozen orange juice. You can try many different fruits with your drink. With practice, this will help you easily come up with a high quality kind of sport drink without spending a lot of money on them. Give this a try and you will love it.