Kinds Of Sports Balls

Many different kinds of sports balls are used in different sports that are popular. Most of these balls are round, while there are some that are ovoid. Most of the balls used in sports are either kicked by legs or hit by some sort of bat or a similar equipment. Some of the common kinds of sports balls used around the world are as follows

Soccer ball

Commonly known as football, these kinds of sports balls are one of the most widely used balls in the sporting world. These kinds of sports balls are made from rubber and plastic bladders.


This sport has a huge fan base in North America and a lot of European countries. Baseball is definitely one of the more famous sports balls. Baseballs have a rubber centre that gets wrapped in yarn and the yarn is then covered in leather. Some of the baseballs have a plastic covering wrapped around it.

Cricket Balls

One of the favorite games for most Asian, African and British people, cricket balls is one of the two most important equipments in this traditional game of bat and ball. These balls are made from cork that is covered with leather. Test cricket make use of a red ball while the shorter version of the game – one day or T20 uses a white ball.

Snooker Balls – Pool

One of the indoor games that are popular with youth culture is snooker. Snooker balls are much smaller in size and have a shiny and smooth texture. These kinds of balls in sports are made from phenolic resin, however before 1920, ivory was use to make these shiny balls.

Basket balls

Another sport that involves a ball being tossed around with gigantic men around is basket ball. Basketball balls are inflated and have an inner rubber lining that is wrapped with layers of fiber and finally switched with leather or synthetic composite.


The patient game of golf also employs balls as an integral part of the game. Golf balls are small and have the around 250 + dimples on it to support aerodynamic suspension. Initially golf balls where made from wood but now mostly rubber and plastic is used to make golf balls.


Tennis balls are small and light in weight and have been made from rubber core aligned over each other and touched up with fabric.

Volley Ball

Volley Ball is a popular game that involves the ball being tossed around. This game is played in the open and sometime on the beach. A volley ball is similar to a foot ball in terms of looks and is made from 3 different materials. The core is made of rubber, which is covered by cheesecloth like layer of cloth that is stuck to the rubber. The outermost layer is made of 18 leather panels that are glued to the cloth.

Apart from the above mentioned sports there are various different kinds of sports balls like softball, squash, handball, hockey, dodge ball, rugby ball etc that are widely used by sportsperson around the world.