Kinds Of Sports Cars

Some kinds of sports cars are listed below.

1. Lexus LFA is a car of very high qualities from Lexus. The development of this car started in the early 2000 and the first car came out in 2005.

2. Bugatti 3B is a well known car for the many races that has won ant for its beautiful design. The company that used to produce this kind of sports cars struggled financially but it has been revived by a German manufacturing company to produce limited editions of sports cars.

3. Ferrari is a kind of sports car manufactured by a company based in Italy. The company started with the manufacturing of racing cars and sponsoring races before moving on and manufacturing road worthy vehicles. Ferrari sports cars are seen as luxury vehicles on the road.

4. Ferrari Enzo is a sports car named after its founder. This is a first generation of the Ferrari. The first production of this kind of sports car was limited to only 349 but when the popularity of this car rose, the company that manufactured these cars was forced to produce more of this car.

5. Mercedes is a kind of sports car that has managed to maintain a good reputation over a long period of time because of its durability and quality. The Mercedes sports cars have received numerous awards and its reputation is way above average.

6. 96 Camaro SS has maintained its design from the first release in 1967. The latest brand of camaro was built in 2002 with a total production that year of over 42,000.

7. Corvette has been in production for many years. It is manufactured by the Americas’ General Motors Company. The first car of this kind was a convertible manufactures in 1953. The design of the latest generation of this kind of car has been in process since 2007. This was released in 2012 and a survey indicated that this car was popular among those in their middle ages (between 40 and 60 years of age).

8. Koenigsegg is a sports car with a very good reputation of its high performance. It is manufactured by a Swedish Car Manufacturing company. The manufacturing company was established to produce high performance sports cars and it managed to release its first design in 2002. In 2005, the car was listed in the guinness book of records as the fastest car in the world.

9. Lotus Concept is a sports car designed to be lightweight and to be with fine handling characteristics.

10. Lamborghini Concept is a sports car designed based on Lamborghini Gallardo’s plan. Instead of the use traditional wind screen, the manufacturers chose to design a way of separating windscreen into two compartment giving the car a new look and increasing its aerodynamics flow.

11. Lamborgini Gallardo is the most produced sports car of this time with over 10,000 produced in the last seven years. This car is named after a famous breed of fighting bulls. Lamborghini Gallardo has been the manufacturing company’s best selling car followed by Lamborghini Murcielago and Lamborghini Aventador.

These all are well-known kinds of sports cars.