Kinds Of Sports Games

There are many kinds of sports games available in the market today. The different kinds of sports games simulate different kinds of sports in the form of videogames. Many people are not able to offer the physical strength it takes to play physical sports for all such people the kinds of sports games can be a major blessing. Since the kinds of sports games available today cover almost all the sports that are played in the world people can enjoy the thrill of all sports. There are more and more kinds of sports games available in the market. Technological advancements have made sports games even more realistic and entertaining.

The various kinds of sports videogames are available as arcade games, simulated games as well as multisport games. There are many legendary and popular games and gaming brands. But here is a list of the kinds of sports games which are popular today:

– Soccer/football- this sport has more fans in the world than any other sport. It is no wonder that there are so many football sports games available in the market. The EA Sports FIFA series of football games are the most popular around the world. They are popular because of their upgraded graphics and factual player and team profiles. Apart from FIFA there are other simulated games, like Pro Evolution Soccer, which are popular. There are many football arcade games as well.

– Basketball- this is another sport which is famous all around the world. The most viewed basketball league is the NBA so it is no wonder that EA Sport’s NBA series are highly popular among basketball fans. Like the FIFA the graphics and the profiles are what makes the series a must play for gamers around the world. There are many other video game developers who offer simulated basketball games. Earliest versions were arcade games where the number of baskets made were recorded as scores and every gamer tried to beat the highest score.

– Wrestling- this is one sport which can lead to serious injuries. The most famous of the wrestling games are the WWE which views from around the world follow. Most of the wrestling moves are high risk stunts which can be life threatening. So, it is a better idea to play the games than actually perform it. There are many WWE games that one can find in the market.

– Formula one- getting a F1 car is next to impossible so the simulated F1 games, which are easily available in the market, are highly popular. There are many different game developers who offer F1 simulated games and they are updated every season.

– Cricket- in many parts of the world cricket is considered a religion. Hence it is no wonder that this sport is also found in simulated form. There are many arcade cricket games but EA Sports have produced simulated cricket games.

Skating, track and field, shooting, tennis and badminton and so on are also the kinds of sports games that are popularly played. One can classify the sport games into the above stated manner.