Kinds Of Sports Injuries

There are many kinds of sports injuries that one may inflict on oneself while playing any sport. The fear of sustaining any of the kinds of sports injuries should not deter one from pursuing sports. There are many kinds of sports injuries which one can sustain even if they are not playing any sport. Generally the various kinds of sports injuries are sustained by overstraining any body part. At times the injuries can be caused by improper diet. Accidents while playing can also cause sports injuries. Since the human body is more fragile than we think it is, it is not a surprise that there are so many different kinds of sports injuries.

The most common injuries are-

Concussion- this is a common injury caused by blow in the head or neck. Concussions can be caused by many kinds of impacts but in more physical sports the risk of sustaining concussion is always there. Proper head gear is the best way to prevent concussions. Typical symptoms are headache, loss of memory, dizziness, nausea and blurred vision. Concussions way lead to more serious cranial issues so on sustaining it one should get medical aid.

Pulled muscle- commonly caused when a sports person has not warmed up or stretched before starting their physical sport. Since the muscle is not given time to adjust from sedentary to active the strain causes the muscle to firm up. They are not very injurious on a long run although they may cause intense pain when they occur. Stretching or warming up can be the best way to avoid this injury.

Achilles tendinitis- the tendon at the back of one’s ankle is an essential one but is greatly overstrained. If there is continuous overstraining of this tendon Achilles tendinitis may occur. This injury can prevent the sports person from running and if left untreated it can make running impossible. Stretching can prevent this injury and if the injury is sustained it should be allowed to fully heal.

Tennis elbow- 7% of all sports injuries is made up of this one injury. Generally people think that since sports people spend most time on their feet their lower bodies are more prone to injuries. But tennis elbow is a very common sports injury. Generally it is caused by overstraining of the tendons in the elbow. This injury can be dangerous if left untreated. Stretching and proper arm exercises are the best for avoiding this injury.

Shoulder injury- the shoulder is a crucial yet vulnerable body part. When strained too much it can lead to severe injuries. Sports accidents can lead to shoulder dislocations. There are many different kinds of injuries that involve the shoulder. For some sports protective shoulder gear is a must to prevent such injuries while stretching is also a must.

Knee injury- the knee is a highly overworked body part. There are various kinds of knee injuries and thus various kinds of preventive measures.

There are many more kinds of sports injuries that one can sustain if proper precautions are not taken.