Kinds Of Stars

Explore the Different Kinds of Stars. If we look at our solar system, we see different kinds of stars. Some are very far from our planet and some are very near. Some are bigger and hot than sun and some are smaller even from the size of moon or mercury. Even our solar system is made up of two hundred kinds of different stars including the sun. Astronomy is the field where we can study about different stars and it comes under the heading of stellar astronomy. Today, astrologist studies the position of different stars and predicts the future.

In olden days, when equipment was not available, travelers used to follow different kinds of stars to reach to their destination. They used to watch the position of stars and do some calculations and then design their way. But after the invention of compass, now that matter is no longer followed. But this had not decreased the value of studying about different stars as they are one of the important parts of not only solar system but of us too. Telescope is the up till now the very best instrument to study different kinds of stars thanks to Galileo. As by the invention and development in field of astronomy, the need of knowing more and more about different kinds of stars keep growing and as this list goes on, their impact on human lives also started to get unrevealed. With the magnificent power of zooming, high rated telescopes had opened new ways to know future. After discovering a new star, the important next step is to name it.

International Astronomical Union is an institution that is responsible for nomenclature of astronomical bodies including different kinds of stars. Stars are usually spheres of plasma held by gravity. One can see different kinds of stars in night if the sky is clear. The shining of stars is due to presence of helium in its core. Through studying different kinds of stars we can also evaluate the process of life. Some stars are as old as 13.8 billion years which is considered the age of universe too. Star with the lifespan of 13.2 years is named as HE- 1523-0901. Different kinds of stars are different in terms of mass too. The most massive star is Eta Carinae which is about 100 to 500 times heavier than sun.

The reasons for this heaviness is unknown, but it is said that the presence of elements like lithium, hydrogen, helium etc. are responsible for making different kinds of stars weight differently. Radiations are also emitted by different kinds of stars in different proportions, which can be both electromagnetic and particle radiations. Rays can include charged entities like protons and rays like alpha, beta and gamma rays. Talking about the color of stars, it can also vary due to light frequency and temperature. The stars which are usually seen at night are actually much bigger even than to our sun. Because of their weight, they shine so much that in spite of the fact that they are far away many billion years from us, we can see them.