Kinds Of Stressors

Stress could be the usual part of someone’s life. Many people carry out several activities to get rid of their daily stresses. There can be certain kinds of stressors that include overall information regarding the stress and the reasons behind it. Circumstances or situations play the crucial role into the formation of stresses. Certain situations such as unexpected death of near ones, divorce etc. can damage someone’s mental harmony to great extent. Therefore, it is necessary to know all available kinds of stressors and reasons behind these stressors.

Wave result stressors:

After throwing a stone into the water several waves get created. Similar to these waves, certain kinds of sudden changes or modifications into daily life could create ripples into the life.


1) When someone nearer becomes stranger completely.

2) Divorce

3) Break-up into long-lasting relationship

Persistent Stressors:

Certain kinds of stressors could be constant or permanent. These stressors are included into the category of persistent stressors. These kinds of stressors could be risky and dangerous. These are also called as chronic stressors that can tear off someone’s intellect, body or the soul.


1) Heavy workloads

2) Continuous deadlines in work

Small Stressors:

These are also called as acute stressors that can be cured completely. These are nothing but the short-term or situational stressors that get disappeared after passing the critical situation that caused the stress. These can be episodic but recurring. One should take complete rest during the critical situations.


1) Failure in the exam

2) Minor illness

Mysterious stressors:

Situation may include several questions starting from who, how, what, and where. Many times people forget to get answers to these questions. This is a sign of mysterious stress. One can easily answer any question related to the event that he/she has passed through. But not knowing the answers to the questions related to that event could be risky. This is one of the most common kinds of stressors that get to see into many people.


1) Forgetting own house address, mobile number or any other personal details

2) Forgetting the task that has done before last few hours

Personal stressors:

Some situations cannot be controlled into any manner. At such cases it becomes necessary to forget the situations and move on. It could become a cause for personal stressors. This is also one of the most common kinds of stressors. Many people come across this type of stressor once in a life.


1) Gone past that can not be changes

2) Wrong decisions taken into the past

Generated stressors:

Generated stressors or simply the trigger stressors are the one that are created because of the past events. Many times past situations keep on hurting in the present. At such moments, person can come across the triggered type of stressors. It could also get caused because of comparisons.


1) Comparing one’s beauty with another person

2) Fear of losing someone just because of the comparisons

Stressors could create a short term as well as long term effects on human body, mentality and thinking power. Thus, it is necessary to know different kinds of stressors.