Kinds Of Terriers Dogs

There are various kinds of terriers dogs that one can keep at home as a pet. The kinds of terriers dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Most of the kinds of terriers dogs that we see today have their origins in England or Ireland. The kinds of terriers dogs were bred for hunting and pest control. Few use the dogs for these purposes anymore. Most of the kinds of terriers dogs have now found their homes with loving families.

The different kennel clubs of the world recognize different kinds of terriers. Depending on which part of the world one is there are a variety of terriers. Here are the most recognized kinds of terriers dogs:

– Airedale terrier- these dogs have a predominantly black coat which is tan at the tail, legs, head and chest. Some dogs may even have white markings on their chest. They have double coats which cause noticeable shedding seasonally. These dogs are protective dogs and can get quite big in size.

– American Staffordshire terrier- these dogs are short coated and can come in a variety of colors. The chest area is usually white while the rest of the body can be black, red, blue, brindle or even fawn. These dogs do not shed much. These large dogs can be highly energetic and needs a lot of exercise.

– Irish terrier- dogs of this variety look strikingly similar to the Airedale terriers. But their coats come in many different colors. They shed less than their lookalike breed and are more energetic. Since they are highly territorial they may not get along with new pets.

– Bull terrier- these dogs are well known for their signature stocky built. They are infamous for their aggressive nature but it is more myth than reality. The dog is protective and can be a good guard dog if trained well. But they enjoy human companionship like any other dog.

– Manchester terrier- this breed is a toy breed. They are generally black and tan in color. Their coats are short and their features are a little cat like. They are highly playful and get along well with other pets.

– Lakeland terrier- these dogs are also toy dogs. They are double coated but are less prone to shedding if groomed regularly. They have a distinctive coloration since they have a saddle which is a different color than the rest of the body. They are playful and can pick up tricks easily.

– Scottish terrier- size really does not matter when it comes to this dog. The Scottish terrier is a highly spirited and courageous dog. At the same time they are very good with children. The hardy breed is a delight if they are trained well from a young age. If the owner does not establish dominance then the dogs can become mischievous.

These are merely a few of the more popular breeds of terriers. There are many more kinds of terriers dogs that can be a welcome addition to any dog lover’s home. One should classify the terriers dogs into above stated manner.