Kinds Of Thermometers And Their Uses

It is crucial to know the different kinds of thermometers and their uses since there are many different kinds of thermometers which have a large variety of uses. If one does not know the kinds of thermometers and their uses they may end up using the wrong kind of thermometer for the wrong purpose. Most schools teach children about the kinds of thermometers and their uses. This article can help recollect the kinds of thermometers and their uses that one should know about. Since there are so many kinds of thermometers it is impossible to know all their uses.

The kinds of thermometers can be determined on the medium which the device uses to measure the temperature. Here are the most important kinds of thermometers and their uses-

– Liquid filled thermometers- These are the most commonly used thermometers. Two different kinds of liquids are generally used in these thermometers. They are-

– Mercury filled- generally household thermometers used to be mercury thermometers. They can be used for measuring body temperatures as well as room temperatures. But this kind of thermometer is harmful if the thermometer breaks. So, in most parts of the world they are no longer in use.

– Alcohol filled- a non toxic liquid that can easily be used instead of mercury is alcohol. It needs to be dyed to be visible. It can replace the mercury thermometer but it has a lower freezing temperature so it can be used to measure hotter or colder things than the mercury thermometer.

– Electronic thermometers- the liquid filled thermometers are not as accurate when it comes to measuring exact temperatures and recording them. This is why electronic thermometers are better in many cases.

– Digital heat sensor- the most important use of a thermometer is to measure body temperature. Digital heat sensor thermometers do exactly that. These thermometers can be placed in the mouth, armpit or rectum to measure body temperature. The digital display makes reading the temperature very easy. The temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit as well as Celsius so there is no ambiguity in the measurements.

– Basal thermometer- this is a more sensitive version of the digital thermometer. This device measures temperatures to the tenth of a degree where as the ordinary digital thermometer records till two tenths of a degree. This is why it is generally used for gynecologic measurements instead of regular body heat measurement.

– Resistance thermometer- this thermometer is generally used for industrial purposes since it can help measure high temperatures as well as low temperatures which other thermometers cannot. Here the reactions of different metals to different temperatures are put to use to measure temperature.

– Gas thermometers- at times the expansion and contraction of gases can be a good way of measuring temperatures. Industrially there are many kinds of gas thermometers that are very accurate.

The above mentioned kinds of thermometers and their uses are the most commonly used and known thermometers. There are a few other thermometers which are generally not used on a regular basis.