Kinds Of Thermometers And Uses

Kinds of thermometers and uses of thermometers are two different things. There are many different kinds of thermometers and are available in the shops these days. The kind of thermometer you choose depends with what you want to do with it. The level of accuracy required when reading temperature depends on the requirements of the situation. The accuracy of the measurements done can mess with someone’s credibility if they are not careful.

Here are the kinds of thermometers and their uses:

a) Dual Sensor Thermometer:

These are those thermometers that have the ability to take two different readings from different environment at the same time. Example of how it can be used is measuring the indoor and the outdoor temperature at the same time. Dual sensor thermometers have the ability to measure temperatures with different range different

b) Irreversible Temperature Indicators:

They are kinds of thermometers that are used to measure the change in temperature to the positive way for instance, if one is measuring the temperature rise, and then there will be no reading for the temperature drop in the process. A situation that irreversible temperature indicators are used is when carrying out sterilization.

c) Fixed and Wired Probe thermometer:

Fixed and wired probe thermometers are used to measure immediate temperature changes. They are used only in liquids and semisolids. It is applicable in places where delicate materials are being handled to make sure that the temperature is not exceeded. They are used mostly in food cooking to maintain a good hygiene.

d) K-Type Thermometer:

Their main work is measuring extreme temperatures. They can measure a wide range of temperatures with a lot of accuracy. Many buyers who have a wide range of uses of thermometers in their organization often choose this kind of thermometer.

e) Data Logging Thermometer:

These are designed to be used in places where real time temperature changes need to be recorded and submitted. The operator chooses the number of times he wants the records to be updated.

f) Infrared Thermometers:

Infrared thermometers are designed for places where we measure without touching the environment to measure temperature for. They are not easy to operate and their accuracy is very low.

g) Thermal Image Cameras:

These are thermometers that are used to measure immediate thermal changes in a place through thermal imagery. They are used to mostly in maintenance where they are used to detect leakages and faulty piping or electrical cables. They come in different varieties to fit the needs of various customers.

h) Traditional Thermometers:

They are the oldest kind of thermometer and also the cheapest. They are good for home use where too much accuracy is not required.

They are generally easy to read and they actually need very little maintenance. They are mostly used to check the temperature of the house.

Choosing a good thermometer for your job will ensure that you will get the best so that you can do your job comfortably and safely. Make sure that you figure out first the cost, type of thermometer, readability of the thermometer, its water resistance and heat resistance.

This is how one can study the Kinds of thermometers and uses of them.